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Nigerian Women Give Mind-Boggling Accounts Of How They Were Sexually Abused By Their Fertility Doctors

Nigerian Women Give Mind-Boggling Accounts Of How They Were Sexually Abused By Their Fertility Doctors

Where did ethics go? It is disheartening to watch the person you trust to help you treat your fertility issues turns around to sexually abuse you.

Four women have shared horrific stories of how their gynecologists took advantage of their conditions to sexually abuse them with Sunnewsonline and it is mind-boggling.

Read Mrs Funke’s story below:

I have a 24-year-old son and ever since all efforts to get pregnant had failed. I have visited different hospitals and prayed endlessly for God to remember me. Luckily, I have an understanding husband who stood by me all these years.

I knew that I had to do anything possible to ensure that there are children in the house. This was how I picked interest in any programme that talks about fertility. Early in the month, I watched a health programme organized by the Doctor who is the founder of Sayemi Naturalscience Centre, Ikeja.

During the programme, he explained that he had a natural way through which he could heal infertility. I was impressed and I decided to visit his clinic when he explained that my problem could be solved through dieting. “Last Saturday, with the consent of my husband, I decided to pay him a visit. I bought their clinic card for N2000 and waited for my turn.

When I finally saw the doctor, I narrated my medical history and all the efforts that I had made to conceive. He assured me that his clinic would be my last bus stop but he would need to access my body through a vaginal scan. I knew what the vaginal scan meant. Immediately, I stretched my body on the table for examination.

Normally, you were expected to lie down and spread your legs widely apart. I trusted the doctor, so I never queried his method. He applied the cream on my v**ina and inserted the instrument used by doctors for a normal vaginal scan.

The only odd thing he did was to touch my cli**ris and I tried to resist and he told me to calm down that this was a perfect process of inducing my hormones so that he could access my body well. At that point, I relaxed very well, closed my eyes and spread my legs because my focus was to get a solution.

At a point, he removed the equipment and inserted it again but this time, it was much bigger. I believed that it was as a result of him fondling with the cli**ris that made me get carried away to the point that I could not tell that the stuff that was bigger inside me was actually his man-hood.

It was the noise he made when he was about to release that drew my attention and I opened my eyes and lo and behold, he was actually having s*x with me instead of the scan.

I was shocked as well as embarrassed. I was terrified because I could not understand if this was the process. He quickly removed the condom and threw into the wastebasket and started begging me to forgive him and allow him to proceed with the treatment.

I left his office and complained to the nurse who was on duty and she said that it is not a new thing that the man is used to sleeping with most of his patients. She asked me to forgive him that she would find a way to get the hospital to compensate me so that the matter would be closed.

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When I discovered what he did, I was terrified because I could not understand why he did that to me. I have heard of how people mysteriously die and my main concern was to leave his office alive, that was why I complained bitterly to the nurse.

When I got home, I told my husband what I went through and he asked me to formally report to the police. Heaven knows that I did not consent to the act.

I only had faith in the doctor that he knew what he was doing.I am legally married and I am blessed with a great husband. That was why I confided in him. He was the one who encouraged me to be bold enough to report the matter to the police so that such a crime would not continue.

Read Mrs Vivian’s story below:

I started bleeding at eight months of my pregnancy and my doc­tor sent me for a scan at the said hospital. When I got there, being my first time, I obtained a card and was sent to see a doctor before the scan. When I got to him, he asked my name which I gave to him.

The next thing, he started fondling my breast and I was just watching. At a point, he asked if I was not feel­ing horny and I told him that I did not even know that he was touch­ing my breast. He told me that I was a strong woman as so many women at that point, used to plead with him to have sex with them.

I asked him why he was doing it and he told me that he needed to access the fluid that would come out of nipples so he could write his report before I went for the scan. I did the scan and left. I felt that was the process until I became pregnant again, I was sent for an­other scan but this time around, I had it at Enugu Scan Centre and when it got to my turn, the doctor just did the scan he never touched my breast.

I asked him why he did not touch my breast and he told me that it had nothing to do with the scan. It was then I narrated my experience with the other doctor and he told me that the doctor was promiscuous.

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Read Bola’s story below:

I was desperate to get a child and was ready to go to any hospital or prayer house. One day, my husband’s friend referred me to a doctor and told me that he would be my last bus stop. I was excited and followed him. The so-called doctor asked me to bend down and remove my pants, that he wanted to examine my vagina from behind.

I discovered that he was rob­bing a cream on my clitoris and I kept quiet because I thought it was the procedure. Meanwhile, I was very vigilant because, in the course of my childlessness, I had never experienced such. Sudden­ly, he brought out his penis and was about to insert it in my vagina when I shouted.

I ran out of the of­fice screaming. That was the last time and I swore I would never visit any place that is not a good hospital. And as God would have it, am blessed with three daughters today. Women go through a lot all in the name of making babies. No sane woman would boldly tell her husband or friends that her doctor or even pastor slept with her.

Another woman who preferred to remain anonymous said she was almost lured into sleeping with one herbal doctor in Lagos

My friend took me to his church at Epe. I was asked to fast for seven days while he gave me some herbs to cook and drink. He asked me to return on the day of my ovulation that I would be prayed for and af­ter that sleep with my husband.

On that day, I went there with my friend. When it was my turn to see the prophet, he asked me to re­move my pant and lie on the table. He also told me to spread my legs and close my eyes. To ensure that my eyes were closed, he used red cloth to cover my eyes.

I be­came suspicious but played along although my eyes were closed my legs were not. I removed the blindfold as soon as someone touched my legs and said: “open your legs.”

I got the shock of my life when I saw the prophet’s erected penis. I screamed and pushed him aside. Instead of hid­ing his face in shame, he told me that he wanted to make me con­ceive in case my husband is not able.

I ran out of his office only for my friend who heard my voice to order me to go back into the room and comply with the prophet’s instruction. She said that there it was no big deal. I left the place an­noyed and disappointed.

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