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Music Producer/ Dad, ID Cabasa’s Failure & Bouncing Back Is An Inspiring Story That’s Perfect For A Sunday Morning!

Music Producer/ Dad, ID Cabasa’s Failure & Bouncing Back Is An Inspiring Story That’s Perfect For A Sunday Morning!

Ace producer and dad-of-three, Olumide Ogunade, a.k.a ID Cabasa has shared an inspirational story of how he rose from grass to grace on an Instagram live session with Bouqui.

According to him, there was a time in his life when he couldn’t afford rent, and he and his family had to move into his studio.

In the interview reported by Punch, Cabasa also shared how a particularly difficult moment served as a springboard to become who he is today. It’s an inspiring story that’s perfect for a Sunday morning.

Read and enjoy below…

”There was a time I was looking for house rent yet I gave money to two people for their kids’ school fees. Then, a certain guy came to me asking for transport fare and I told him that I would help him get money from some other folks in church.

I started asking around but that day, I could not get money for the guy. I was so shocked when the next day, the guy wrote an epistle about me on Facebook, saying I was a very bad person, with all the money that I had. I cried.

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What I told God that day started changing a lot of things for me. People should learn from this. There are times you do things out of indiscretion and you unknowingly destroy yourself. I remembered that I went back home and prayed that God should give that guy the full details of what I was going through. What I meant at that time was that God should make him go through what I was going through.

Two days later, I was going through the scriptures and read the part where immediately Job finished praying for his friend, God restored him. So, I prayed for the guy. But, after praying for him, it was still on my mind. I had to call him and tell him what I was going through. I brought him to the studio and showed him all my luggage, saying me and my family had been living here for a while. He felt bad, apologised and left.

My pain was the springboard for me to be well established. I learnt a lot during that time. It was like my own lockdown. At that time, I thought I was a failure. With everything I knew and the depth I had, I (still) felt I was a failure. I thank God I learnt the lessons and was able to bounce back.”

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