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Singer Lami Phillips Pens Note To Women About Breaking Free From Suffering

Singer Lami Phillips Pens Note To Women About Breaking Free From Suffering

UK-based Nigerian mum and singer, Lami Phillips Gbadamosi has written a short note to women to encourage them to “be kind” to themselves. The singer said in her Instagram post that women have been taught to “be quiet” when mistreated and this has made them struggle with “self validation”.

She called on women to stop equating patience to foolishness and suffering, and she advised that they be kind to themselves.

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Urging women to develop their own identities outside of marriage and relationships, the mum-of-two admonished that they put in the work it takes to become what they were destined to become.

She wrote:

Women have been taught to be quiet when mistreated. We have been raised to tolerate nonsense and serve condescension.

Many women struggle with self validation because over time the beauty in their identity was not celebrated.

Dear woman please become what you were destined to become! Own that superstar status! You are worthy of peace of mind.

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You deserve to be treated well too. Patience should not = foolishness and suffering. Be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job .,, and I celebrate you.

See her original post:

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