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Inspirational: How Single Mum-Of-5, Akilah Moore Rewrote Her Story From Grass To Grace

Inspirational: How Single Mum-Of-5, Akilah Moore Rewrote Her Story From Grass To Grace

A single mother-of-3 by name Akilah Moore in Washington DC in the US has narrated how she went from a high school dropout to a highly comfortable mother of three – Moore dropped out of high school after she got pregnant, the father of the child left and as an orphan herself, had nobody to turn to – She started doing all kinds of menial jobs just to survive but fast-forward to today, all the struggles have finally paid off

Ms Akilah Moore, a security officer and parent at Howard University Middle School of Math & Science in the United States has narrated her powerful grass-to-grace story. The full inspirational story of the officer who turns out to be a single mother of three was shared on the official Facebook handle of Unsung Heroes.

According to the hardworking mother, she dropped out of high school when she got pregnant with her first child and had to make ends meet for the child since the father had left.

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Moore’s parents passed on much earlier when she was young so there was absolutely nobody to turn to or fall on for assistance. After being able to get herself together so a level, the single mother went back to high school and took the next step in her education.

Fast-forward, Moore is providing for her three kids, owns a 5 bedroom house and lives a good life after the years of struggle and hard work.

Read Akilah’s story:

I dropped out of high school when I had my first child. The father didn’t stick around so I had to take care of my child by myself.

I worked in every type of job just so I could provide. I worked at produce places inside of deep freezers, and I cleaned toilets.

All of those jobs never lasted more than 5-6 months. It was frustrating, especially because I had to depend on the government.

I had $300 a month to travel back and forth with 3 kids. My parents died when I was young so I didn’t have anyone to fall back on.

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One day, I decided that enough is enough. It took me a lot of courage to go back to high school.

I was embarrassed but my child kept me focused and motivated. It’s amazing how much my life has changed since I decided to take that extra step and get my education.

I’m getting my life together and providing for my kids. I own a 5 bedroom house, my kids are doing well in school, and I’m healthy.”

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