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Married Mom-Of-One, Mary Oluchi Micheal Opens Up About Life As An Amputee

Married Mom-Of-One, Mary Oluchi Micheal Opens Up About Life As An Amputee

Mary Oluchi Micheal is one energetic young mom-of-one who is living her best life. Though an amputee, she believes she cannot be stopped by anything. She made herself relevant on Instagram as a result of her dance skits.

Mary is a survivor of Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). AVM  is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, which disrupts normal blood flow and oxygen circulation.

Mary is the reigning Queen of positive vibes in Nigeria, West Africa. She is a Mass Communication student of Lagos state Polytechnic who has just gotten married to the love of her life. She has dubbed herself The Minister of Happiness. This has brought her international recognition and a host of social media followers. In September she was featured on The BBC Pidigin Service.

Mary is based in Lagos and she enjoys sharing her story to give hope to other people going through different challenges. She can easily beat you to a dance-off challenge anywhere and everywhere.

She is addicted to looking for the good in every situation. When you have a chance, stop by her Instagram page for some comic relief . She said ‘I love to have fun and I joke a lot’.

In this interview with Daily Sun, Mary, who is happily married and blessed with a baby boy opened up on her life as an amputee, her recent miracle; how she got blessed her with the sum of one million naira, her growing up, her challenges and her dream.

Mary says that from a tender age she had always see herself on Television, entertaining people and cracking jokes.

Interestingly this charted her way through her life’s challenges, battling AVM and self-hate and in turn she became a beacon for hope and inspiration for people in her community and the world. Today she is not very far from her dream of becoming a news reporter and or broadcaster, she oozes confidence and it’s not hard to see that she was born for the camera.

The illness that changed her life is very rare , the pain left her immobilized and moody. She lost friends, was mocked and stigmatized but  instead of moaning in self-pity and doubt she took strides to learn resilience and patience.

Read excerpts below…

Were you born in Lagos or in the East?

I was born and brought up in Lagos. I am from Abia State. I came from a family of six and I am the only girl.

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As a child, were your parents there for you at every point of your needs?

Yes, very well, they sure did their very best. My parents have always been there for me through it all.

How are you coping with life?

Life has been fair enough, surviving my ordeals and still thriving, God has been faithful.

How have you been handling life’s challenges coupled with the fact that you have a child and husband to look after?

My husband supports me a lot. He is  always there for me, so it makes the whole thing easier.

What was your dream as a child?

As a child, I wanted to be a journalist and a big dancer…..

How did you become so popular on social media?

I would say being real with everything life threw at me brought me this far, looking at what others see as challenges and they didn’t swallow me and my positive thoughts.

On Sunday 31st of May, your status changed from a normal account balance owner to a being a millionaire, how excited are you?

Too excited that words cannot even describe, it was as if heaven opened for my case that day, it’s a day I will never forget.

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How did you jump on the promo that Kachi beauty products gave out?

Okay, I have been following their instagram page for a while now, I saw the buy N10,000 hairs for N75,000 promo that was going on, and I said to myself that I must get the hair. So many challenges came that I almost didn’t want to get the hair again but right now, I’m just so glad I did.

Do you think  Kachi beauty products gave you this money because of your physical challenge?

No, I would say she saw the willingness to do something outside the box by me being an amputee and decided to be my angel.

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What do you plan to do with the N1m?

Before I got the money, my plans were to move into the hair business gradually which I intend saving for but as God would have it, this great opportunity came my way, so I will invest in the same business that made me a millionaire.







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