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After Surviving COVID-19 With His Wife, Lola & Their Daughter, Aliona, Celebrity Dad, Peter Okoye Shares Emotional Video

After Surviving COVID-19 With His Wife, Lola & Their Daughter, Aliona, Celebrity Dad, Peter Okoye Shares Emotional Video

Celebrity dad and the other half of the defunct music group (P-Square), Peter Okoye who is also known as Mr. P has disclosed that he, his, wife, Lola Okoye, their daughter, 7-year-old Aliona and two of their domestic staff tested positive to the deadly COVID-19.

According to the dad-of-two, he was the first to be diagnosed with the virus three weeks ago while his daughter, Aliona, caught the virus a week later. He calls the experience a ‘hell.’ He praised his wife, Lola, who did the most courageous thing as a mother when she insisted on not been separated from their daughter, Aliona, who came down with the infection while Lola herself had been negative.

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The musician shared that his wife, Lola, caught the virus as well whilst taking care of their daughter. At the end of the video, he confirmed that he and other members of his household are now fully recovered and warned people to take the threat of the virus seriously.

Here’s what he said:

‘For the past three weeks, I have been ill and most people didn’t even know what was wrong with me. I kept it to myself. It has been three weeks of hell for me and my family.

I had COVID19 for about three weeks and it happened to me.Ā 

I was sick and I tested positive.Ā 

The reason why I came out to say it is because I am going to encourage a lot of people concerning this whole social distancing, getting used to sanitizing your hands, disinfecting your environment, wearing your face mask and all that.

It’s been hell for this family in this house. Not just me. Even two of my domestic staff.Ā 

After a week, my daughter caught the virus as well. It was sad that when she caught it, the doctor insisted that she has to be self isolated in her own room but my wife did something very courageous. She said no.

I was sick and I was being self-isolated in my guest room.Ā I couldn’t even see my sick daughter and I was feeling so bad. I felt so bad because I felt that I am the one who actually brought the virus to the house. It was so bad that I had to be calling her on video, checking on her.

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The next day, my wife did something very courageous. She picked our daughter from her room, held her and took her to the master bedroom and she called me and she started crying.

I asked her what happened and she said I cannot leave this girl alone. I would rather be infected and be with her.

Five or six days later, my daughter was pronounced negative. When she was pronounced negative, we knew it wasn’t going to end there. The next day, Lola became positive. It has been hell but we had a bad experience.

I just want to tell everybody that this COVID19 is real. Don’t take it for granted.

I am happy to announce that my wife, myself, our daughter and two of our domestic staff all of us are now negative”

Watch the video of him sharing his experience below:

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