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Dear MIMsters: My Marriage/Husband Has Become A Thorn In My Flesh

Dear MIMsters: My Marriage/Husband Has Become A Thorn In My Flesh

I have been married to my husband for five years now. I am a nurse while he is a Doctor. My marriage has become a thorn in my flesh.

In December 2016, my husband met a lady who presented herself at his hospital for a clinical condition. Since then, he has been investing in her emotionally and financially.

He initially claimed that there was nothing between them but my instincts always made me feel he was cheating on me. When I got pregnant in 2017, he was still seeing this lady.

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There were months when he would share the food money for the house into two and her half. He even went on to put her on a monthly payroll. I have fought and begged him but he’s never yielded to my pleas.

In 2018, I had our beautiful baby girl and we went into financially difficult. My husband had to change his job location to Delta state. My husband saw the opportunity to organize trips for this lady to come to Delta state to warm his bed with all expenses paid by him.

I did not visit him immediately because I was with my mum, nursing my baby.

In 2019, I wrote the United Kingdom foreign exams to work as a nurse in England. I passed the exams, got the job, and my family was granted the multiple entry UK Visa of 5 years with automatic citizenship after the five years.

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When we arrived in the UK, I sat my husband down and begged him to let the past remain in the past. I come from a broken home and I know what a broken home did to me as a child. He promised to let the past remain in the past.

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4 days ago, from my husband’s WhatsApp call log, I found out that he has been continuously chatting and calling this same lady, despite our previous agreement to let the past remain in the past.

I feel so bitter right now. I feel disgusted and irritated. Please, what should I do? He is apologizing again and this time he is begging that he needs me to help him change, but I feel so unhappy. Really unhappy.

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