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Dear MIMsters: Should I Move On With My Abroad Guy Or Stay With The Home Based One?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Move On With My Abroad Guy Or Stay With The Home Based One?

In 2015, I met this guy who just came back from abroad, and we’ve been dating before his arrival. Our goal was marriage.

He has two kids who also live abroad but he is no longer with their mom. I found out I was pregnant immediately after he went back to his base. All efforts to reach him proved abortive. Months later, he called and denied the child.

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In 2017, he came back to Nigeria and I dragged him to the human rights office, and it was there he saw our daughter for the first time. His family begged me to drop the case and I did, and they promised to take care of the child. He sent money twice and he stopped.

I decided to face my fears and double my hustle, so I stopped asking him for money.

For 3 years, I was hoping he would come back and marry me. I prayed and fasted thinking he would come back to me. I couldn’t move on. In December 2018, he got married to another. It was so painful.

Then, I decided to move on and was believing God to have my own spouse. Last year June, I met this guy who loves me so much, and changed my perception about men, single and ready to be married, he didn’t care I’m a single mom. He is self-employed and has a house of his own. He is not that handsome but he and his family (especially his mom) cherish me so much, they are just like heaven-sent.

Now, my baby’s father started calling me in April, sends money to his daughter, and acts as if he is a good dad to his daughter. Early this month, he told me he’s planning to take my daughter and me abroad later this year.

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Mimsters, I’m so confused right now on whether should I go on with my new relationship or go abroad with my daughter. Truthfully, I would like to go as I feel this is my compensation for footing bills all the bills for 4 years and I’ll also be able to earn enough to take care of my family. Since this happened, my family has not been doing well financially.

My dad had a stroke and my mom has been taking care of him and the rest of my siblings for almost 5 years. I often help out too as I have a well-paying job. Mimsters, please don’t judge me, all I want is your advice.

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