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What Some Nigerian Dads Wished They Knew About Pregnancy Before Their Baby Was Born

What Some Nigerian Dads Wished They Knew About Pregnancy Before Their Baby Was Born

In time past, most dads often don’t know anything about pregnancy because they feel it is a journey only women should walk through. Interestingly, the reverse is the case in our generation as many dads today know a thing or two about pregnancy by experiencing it alongside their partners.

Pregnancy is an amazing, scary, beautiful, anxiety-inducing, nine months ride for both moms-to-be and dads-to-be alike.

Some Nigerian dads below share with DailySun, the lessons they learned about pregnancy by experiencing it alongside their partners and what they wished they had known before their baby was born.

Mr. Paul Udeh: Each pregnancy is incredibly unique

In the movies, a couple finds out they are pregnant and morning sickness follows. She eats so much food, gets bigger, her water breaks and the baby is born an hour later. My wife didn’t have morning sickness, She refused to eat her favourite foods and gave birth about 24 hours after her water broke.

We now have two kids and I have only just learned that each pregnancy is completely different, right up until birth. Read the books, take the precautions, but still expect the unexpected. It rarely goes according to plan.

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Mr. Adeola James: There will be moments when you really can’t help

I’m married to a strong woman, but also I know that there are moments I will be needed. However, during both pregnancies there were times of discomfort or pain that I couldn’t mend. Being there physically is helpful, but there will be times when your partner just wants to be left alone. Don’t take it personally if she asks you for some space she just may need to handle things on her own.

Mr. Chris Pender: Be careful what you cook or wear as cologne

During my wife’s pregnancy, I learned she was incredibly sensitive to smells. If I ate something at lunch with garlic or onions, she would smell it on my breath and become nauseous. I avoided cooking or ordering foods with spices. I had to put things away very quickly, since she could smell it from the bedroom. It wasn’t a funny experience. It was like the smell of almost everything made her nauseous.

Mr. Patrick Okonji: Fatherhood requires talking about emotions

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When my wife was expecting, I was focused on the physical things I would eventually have to do for my baby. I never imagined the emotional grit I would have to muster through such as postpartum depression, baby’s illnesses, and work troubles. Most men don’t like talking about their emotions, but fatherhood requires talking about emotions. Otherwise it can be a pretty rough ride.

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Mr. Daniel Onochie: Your partner is just as anxious as you are

I remember being so nervous about everything when my wife was pregnant last year. I didn’t think I could handle changing a diaper, let alone being a decent dad.

I was so relieved when we had our first child, because I felt comfortable and things fell into place even though it falls apart pretty quickly when you can’t figure out why your baby’s crying. I do wish I tended to her worries and anxieties more when she was pregnant. She was just as nervous as me if not more. 


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