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‘Calabar Chic’ Steph Isuma Shares On Releasing The Burden Of Her Rape Experience

‘Calabar Chic’ Steph Isuma Shares On Releasing The Burden Of Her Rape Experience

It’s been a few months since Instagram comedian cum actress, Steph Isuma, better known as Calabar Chic, narrated her rape experience and how she had to battle with depression after the ordeal. Isuma has now revealed what has moved her to share her story.

The Cross-River-born entertainer also waved the insinuations that being a rape victim would scare men away from her.

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She told Sun News:

“It was just a burden I had carried for so many years. I was depressed for years of my life. I survived it. At a point, I tried committing suicide but I survived it.

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I’m actually creating awareness for people to know the effect of this thing called Rape. Another reason why I put it out there was to encourage victims that they are not alone, that indeed the people they look up to also go through stuffs.

We also encourage others to speak out because if we don’t speak out these things would continue. We would have to change the rape culture in Nigeria; reduce rape apologies, stop shunning victims when they speak up for themselves, so that rape issues can reduce.”

She continued,
“I don’t believe being a rape victim would limit my chances of getting married. Although, the society we live in is one that sees victims who speak about their experience in a bad light.
They begin to bash, accuse and ask questions. That’s the rape culture we need to put an end to. People that view victims as stained, irritated are the ones that believe one won’t get married as a rape victim but I don’t care.
If I am going to get married I would when I want to and when I feel I have healed. But I don’t think I’m going to miss my chances of getting married because I had to speak my truth.
The man that I would get married to should know what I have been through. If I can’t open up and tell the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with the things that had happened to me, there is no need going into the marriage then.”
Steph Isuma also affirmed that she has no regrets going public with her rape story,
“No, not for one day. I felt it was one of the best things I have done in my life.

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