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Uriel Oputa Shares On Embracing Her Natural Body Despite Its Flaws

Uriel Oputa Shares On Embracing Her Natural Body Despite Its Flaws

BBNaija Star Uriel Oputa in an Instagram post has shared on how difficult it is to lose weight and why she’s embracing her natural body despite its flaws. Uriel’s weight loss efforts are definitely paying off as evident from her recent photos, and while she does not have to, the 34-year-old has  been forced to speak about accepting her body as is after a concerned fan messaged her privately asking her to edit her pictures to make her body more appealing.

According to the fan, doing so will help her brand; read what the fan wrote:

“Good evening ma. Please can you bring down the last post? It’s not nice.

“I’m not bodyshaming you because I don’t have a perfect body. But the post is not good for your business.

“Your viewers need to see the hot charming body. But the last post is just not it.

“I just care about you and your business”

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Uriel who actively encourages healthy living and regularly shares healthy food recipes on her page did not seem to share the same sentiments as her fan and replied :

“My body is not perfect, keep your opinion to yourself”.

Sharing a screenshot of their conversation, Uriel wrote:

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“Man I’m tired of women.. Do you know how hard it has been to loose weight?? I have to make my own bread, let’s not talk about not eating Rice…

Girl my followers deserve the truth not edited videos or pictures.

I will get there until then enjoy the cellulite.. Rubbish this is how people Rubbish your achievements”.

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