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Lifestyle Blogger, Fisayo Longe Shares Relationship Gem With Women

Lifestyle Blogger, Fisayo Longe Shares Relationship Gem With Women

No doubt, too many women were raised and socialised into believing that it is OK to give up their purpose and convictions about their future, so they can accommodate the men who want them. Many  of such women have also learnt the hard way in the long run. It turns out your dreams are just as valid and self-sabotage in order to accommodate a man whom you love is just self-sabotage. Lifestyle blogger, Fisayo Longe has taken to her social media page to advice women on where and when to draw the line when it comes to making commitments in their relationships with men.

The Nigerian but UK-based fashion entrepreneur via her Twitter handle shared that if she learnt anything from older women, it is to not make life-altering sacrifices for a man.

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According to Fisayo, it is ideal to make compromises here and there but she warned women against making drastic changes or altering their life’s path and purpose only so they can be with any particular man.

Here’s how she put it:

If there’s one thing I have learned from women before me, it is to not make huge life-altering sacrifices for men. They do not deserve such loyalty and commitment.

Sure, compromise here and there. But make sure that your life is still on the path and purpose you intended before him. Most importantly, know yourself and your purpose before any man.

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