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Sexpert, Nadia Bokody, Exposes 5 Lies Every Woman Tells In Their Sex Life | Guilty?

Sexpert, Nadia Bokody, Exposes 5 Lies Every Woman Tells In Their Sex Life | Guilty?

When it comes to the topic of sex, Nadia Bokody is not one to shy away from the conversation. The sex columnist from Australia will discuss anything from bad dates to sex toys and everything in between. Most recently she’s been talking about lies women tell their partner in the bedroom.

“I’ve never met a woman who isn’t a liar,”

she boldly claimed in a column for

“That’s not to say women are innately incapable of truth-telling; we’re just discouraged from doing so,”

she explained.

“From the time we’re young enough to speak, women are conditioned to put our needs aside to accommodate others.”

Nadia went on to explain some of the ways in which she thinks women put their needs aside during sex.

She broke them down into a list of five things that women often lie about in bed.

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Here’s what they were:

1. Faking an orgasm

Nadia jokes that women should receive Oscars for their believable performances as she’s yet to meet a man “who isn’t convinced every woman he’s ever bedded has enjoyed a screaming climax”.

She adds that pretending to be done is an effective tactic for “bringing bad sex to an end” but warns that women should be wary of lying about this one, as it “spreads the virus known as Men Who Think They’re God’s Gift To Women In The Sack But Actually Suck At Sex”.

2. Lying about the size of a man’s penis

According to Nadia, exaggerating about a man’s size is a lie that’s “surely as old as time itself”.

3. “I don’t normally do this”

There are several variations of this fib which you might recognise, including “You’re the only guy I’ve let do that to me”, “This is my first one-night-stand” and “I’ve never done this before”.

4. Using sex toys

If you’ve faked an orgasm and been left feeling high and dry, it might be time to sneak off to and sort things out for yourself.

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“I’m just going to brush my teeth,”

you might tell your partner as they fall asleep in bed… but that buzzing sound coming from the bathroom definitely isn’t an electric toothbrush.

5. Having a low libido

Nadia explains how she knows many women who have used this line to get out of sex, after having “disappointing” or “painful” experiences.

She adds:

“Women don’t tell these lies out of greed or selfishness. (Indeed, these falsehoods only serve to further deprioritise our own needs.)

We tell them for the same reason we force a smile for the stranger on the street, leave half our food behind on the plate when we’re still hungry, and apologise for taking up space.

“Denying the existence of our sexual desire is one of the many ways we’re conditioned to ignore our comfort and question our own instincts.

“And that’s not just a lie we tell men. It’s a lie we tell ourselves.”

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