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Lami Philips Gbadamosi Lists 4 Essential Nuggets On Marriage

Lami Philips Gbadamosi Lists 4 Essential Nuggets On Marriage

UK-based Nigerian mum and singer, Lami Phillips -Gbadamosi has shared some important nuggets on marriage. The Neo-Soul/Afro-pop singer and mom of two who is married to Labo, her lover of 23 years and husband for 15, recently took to her social media page to write four important marriage tips for all the single men and women out there.

She shared an image of former US president, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and listed the following key points:

“1. Be clear on your why: don’t get married because of pressure or time or even love. Get married because you have an unshakable conviction that that is the person you’re supposed to do life with, the person whose purpose is aligned with yours. The person created for you and you for that person.

2. Be clear on your who: it’s not about how you feel. Feelings come and go. Feelings are unreliable. Who is this person ? When people aren’t watching, who is this person? What are the persons fears, hopes, dreams, insecurities? What makes this person want to be better?

What drives this person? What does this person struggle with and why? Who is this person? Don’t marry who they appear to be, marry the person God reveals to you. May God enlighten your eyes to see what only the soul and spirit can see.

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3. Know this: commitment outweighs the feeling of love. That gangsta drive that says “it’s us till we stop breathing”. The commitment that says “ I see you and I love you anyway”. The commitment that believes beyond the shadow of the doubt that this person deserves you and you are so blessed to be deserving of the person. The commitment that knows you need grace to truly love; the commitment that knows that outside of grace you can’t do it.

The commitment that depends on taking off the layers and seeing each other as you truly are. The commitment that goes way beyond sex and money or even the lack of it thereof. The commitment that is founded on a true friendship. Commitment that doesn’t care about tall or short , fat or slim, yellow or dark skinned.

All those things can change because life is funny that way. Health challenges can change the thing that was making you weak in the knees. Having children can change your body and your emotional architecture. Career fluctuations can change your flossing status and the money that enticed you may pause for a minute.

Commitment to love beyond the feelings and in spite of the chaos. Commitment to say: we are on the same side and we are a team.

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4. Enjoy the journey, marry someone you can laugh with even when you have no visible/logical reason to laugh. Marry someone who has pure joy.”

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