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Ex Football Star’s Wife, Kate Ferdinand Opens Up On The Crippling Back Pain She’s Suffering Amid Her First Pregnancy

Ex Football Star’s Wife, Kate Ferdinand Opens Up On The Crippling Back Pain She’s Suffering Amid Her First Pregnancy

Kate Ferdinand is expecting her first child with ex football star husband, Rio Ferdinand and has opened up on ‘struggling’ with pregnancy pain that ‘is taking a toll’.

The former TOWIE star, 29, took to her Instagram page on Monday evening to share a candid post on some of the struggles she is dealing with due to her changing body.

Most recently she shared a photo showing her sat on her bedroom floor wearing comfy leggings, a vest top and slippers.

In a lengthy post, Kate told that despite often uploading glamorous snaps online that she “don’t feel comfy in anything but leggings and a vest right now” and shared that she is “hugely struggling” with pain in lower back and groin as she carries her first baby.

Alongside a photo that showed her bare faced and sat down in a black vest top covering her blossoming bump and leggings she also explained that she is “struggling” as she finds it hard to deal with “losing the ability to move freely.”

Kate penned:

“Although in my last few posts I’ve been dressed up…. today I felt I had to share my reality of being pregnant day to day. I don’t feel comfy in anything but leggings and a vest right now, and by the end of the day even the leggings are swapped for PJ bottoms!!

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“I’m always looking at other pregnant women online and thinking ‘god I don’t look like her’, and I really don’t want anyone to feel like that looking at my posts. Sometimes social media can really make the glamorous moments outweigh the norm. But this is me.

“The truth is, I am hugely struggling with my lower back and groin! I’ve always had back problems but this is really taking its toll I don’t like to moan too much on here but the reality is I am struggling some days it’s manageable and others by the end of the day Its a struggle to even stand up.

“Getting my head around losing the ability to move freely is difficult at times, especially with 3 kids and dogs flying around the house like lunatics.”

Kate added that it is important to not only share the good moments on social media, but also the times when you might be struggling, as it could help others going through something similar.

“The reality is… we always share our best moments on social media, but it’s important to share the not so great ones too so we can learn from one another,”

she wrote.

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Kate then went on to encourage her social media fans to join an app that connects pregnant women and mums so that they can exchange tips.

She and Rio, along with his three children from his first marriage – Tate, 12, Lorenz, 14, and Tia, nine – have been preparing to welcome their newest addition to their family, after Kate spoke honestly about her struggling to be a stepmum.

The expectant mom opened up in a BBC documentary earlier this year about how she coped with the children’s grief after their mum Rebecca Ellison died in 2015 of breast cancer, and confessed she found it difficult to suddenly be responsible for three kids.

“I used to get myself into such a state,” Kate admitted. “I couldn’t cook, a house that wasn’t my own… I think I found everything hard.

“Even things like the doctors, they’d ask, ‘Have the children have chicken pox?’ and I would say, ‘I don’t know’.

“I found myself not having answers to a lot of things. It was difficult.”

Luckily the three children have taken to Kate and had been begging their parents for a little sibling before the happy couple surprised them with their baby news.

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