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”Years of abuse will make you think you are crazy”- Victoria Inyama Pens Her Thoughts On Chacha Eke’s Bipolar Claims

”Years of abuse will make you think you are crazy”- Victoria Inyama Pens Her Thoughts On Chacha Eke’s Bipolar Claims

Actress Victoria Inyama has expressed doubt about Chacha Eke Faani’s claim that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, days after she came public with the crash of her seven-year marriage to her hubby, Austin Faani.

Chacha shared a video on her Instagram page last night where she read a written speech claiming she has seen several psychiatrists and has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. A claim which her brother, Aik, has come out to refute, explaining that Chacha has not had her phone for five days and that her estranged husband, Austin is manipulating the situation. Read here.

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Victoria Inyama however doesn’t believe Chacha’s story. Victoria who campaigns against women staying in abuse marriage pointed out that years of abuse make women believe they are crazy. Her post reads

”This is very Typical, Years of Abuse will make you think you are crazy….

In our culture there’s almost No reason to leave your marriage except You die??…

Most families are so Unsupportive…..@chachaekefaani……………….. You removed the Crying out video but amazingly, this is still there on your wall?? This is an indirect apology for you Crying Out

‘Women who are/have experiencing domestic violence/Abuse are at a higher risk of Experiencing a range of Mental Health Conditions, PTSD/DEPRESSION/THOUGHT S OF SUICIDE……


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I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS BIPOLAR TALK, I AM NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT AND THERE’S MORE TO THIS BUT ALL I CAN BEG @chachaekefaani is Remember your children need You….be Alive and sane for them…….

No be today Abusers dey call victims mad….Stay strong cause you look mentally & physically exhausted
Sending You love and Light Sis..

See Victoria’s original post below

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