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Despite The Odds Stacked Against The Nigerian Girl-child, Ifeyinwa Ezeudu Challenges Other Dreamers With Her Inspiring Story

Despite The Odds Stacked Against The Nigerian Girl-child, Ifeyinwa Ezeudu Challenges Other Dreamers With Her Inspiring Story

A beautiful Nigerian woman identified as Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, has taken to social media to share her success story which has now begun serving as a source of inspiration to a lot of people.

According to Ifeyinwa, when she was 14 years old when a family member asked what career she would like to practice in the future and she replied “pharmacist and a medical doctor”.

Ifeyinwa revealed that the relative however discouraged her, saying such professions are not meant for the Nigerian girl child. The resilient young woman said it was those downplaying words that challenged her and she promised herself to achieve her dream no matter what.

In a LinkedIn post, Ifeyinwa shared that she triumphed over the limitation of that family friend’s words as she has earned three university degrees. Interestingly, she became a medical doctor in 2020 with many awards.

She went further to advise every girl child in Nigeria to pursue their dreams, telling them they are achievable.

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”At age 14, a family friend who came to visit us saw me studying my books and asked what I would want to be in future. I said pharmacist and medical doctor.

She screamed “are you not aware that you are a girl child?” Nne you can not achieve that as a Nigerian girl” I smiled and that was it!

I felt challenged to achieve those regardless, the passion was too much for being a “girl child” to stop. After my diploma in science laboratory technology.

I proceeded for pharmacy and graduated as the best in my class and school as well, not just a valedictorian but also the first international student to give that speech in over 66 years of my school’s existence.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled, I went further to complete my medical degree, achieved a lot of academic excellence award in the process.

Today I am not just a pharmacist and medical doctor, I am also a laboratory technician. I have recently started exploring weight management program which I find so exciting.

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I am glad I didn’t listen to our family friend who told me otherwise as “girl child”. I have not yet arrived but I am proud of where I am now.

Dear “girl child” reading this post, I want to remind you that you are unstoppable. Dream, work towards it and some day you will happy you did.

Happy international day of the girl child!”

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