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Twitter User, Katherine Johnson Comes Hard On Men Who Put Their Wives Through The Rigours Of Family Planning When They Can Go For Vasectomy

Twitter User, Katherine Johnson Comes Hard On Men Who Put Their Wives Through The Rigours Of Family Planning When They Can Go For Vasectomy

Why is family planning all about the woman’s body? A twitter user asks. Katherine Johnson is furious that men never consider getting vasectomy when they want to do family planning with their wives.

From growing the baby in the womb during pregnancy, to birthing the baby and breastfeeding including raising the kids, Katherine said that women give their body as sacrifice for the family.

Katherine, in a series of tweets, talked to men for putting women through the responsibility of family planning despite all she does for the family.

According to her, the reason men runs from this responsibility is because they fear vasectomy is painful.

Read her tweets below,

What makes me so extra sad about the birth control debate is that men don’t think at all to consider getting vasectomies.

If you’re a married man & your wife has had one or several children, have you ever considered that she’s given her body ENOUGH as sacrifice for the family?

IUDs, birth control and getting tubal ligations often have terrible and painful side effects for women.

I NEVER hear men stand up and say my body also has to do some work to serve my family planning. Never.

When your wife’s body is trying to push that IUD back out or that NuvaRing, do you ever think about what you could do instead?

When uterine and breast cancer is being linked to birth control and hormonal therapies, have you ever considered donating your body instead?

Why is family planning all about the woman’s body? You men make babies too.

I know someone who has had two ceseareans and yet her husband refuses to get vasectomy because he heard it was painful. FUCK HIM.

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Yall some selfish ass men. And some of y’all got some selfish ass husbands too.

Men REFUSE to alter their bodies yet we gotta birth babies after growing them, breast feed, get ceseareans and episiotomies, tubes tied.

All this FUCKING shit and yet married men stay putting the entire responsibility of family planning on their wives.

You’d have the loneliness dick fucking with me. I don’t get it. It infuriates me to no end!!!

Some women form terrible and painful scar tissue from getting their tubes tied

Some women have terrible side effects of oral contraceptives like weight gain, moodiness, depression and hormonal imbalance.

Some women NEVER find a birth control pill that REALLY agrees with their body & all of the going thru diff pills to find one can be HORRIBLE.

I was JUST reading an article today about how women benefit the LEAST from marriage b/c/ men do less work when it comes to the emotional and physical support of the family. Women do more unpaid labor than men do in the family& birth control and family planning falls there.

Women’s minds are exhausted from all of the thinking and caring for the family that we have to do while men sit idly by & allow that sacricie how your wife that you love her by bringing it up. Offer up yourself. Stop letting her offer up her body for everything.

And then you want somebody to put on a show for you and be sexually available all the time. HOW???!!!! How in THE FUCK can one do all that?

If you want a better sex life, why don’t you take the pressure off of her having to worry about unwanted pregnancy? You ever think of that?

You wanna know why she’s hesitant? Because she has to worry about EVERYTHING. While you’re worried about cumming or not.

Consider what it must be like to put hormones and pills and contraptions in your body your entire adulthood just about to prevent pregnancy

That shit is STRESSFUL for a lot of women. And it likely could be cost effective to get a vasectomy. Birth control costs money!

Men be tripping. And women gotta start having some serious discussions about this shit. Birth control is not only our responsibility.

Mood swings suck. Weight gain sucks. Spotting and unexpected bleeding sucks. Anemia from abnormal bleeding sucks.

Hormonal swings and inconsistencies suck. Paying for birth control your entire childbearing years suck and adds up. Uterine fibroids suck. PCOS sucks.

Anyways, I’m sad. I’m sad that women feel like they’re bullied or that their husbands/partners won’t budge.

I’m sad that women get to witness their spouses caring more about themselves than the women they’re supposed to love and care for.

I think when women get married and in relationships, the birth control talk NEVER includes what the man can and likely should do.

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It’s the biggest fucking assumption from the jump that all of the family planning rests on her body…and that assumption is hardly ever wrong.

So real talk. What do you think would happen if you broached this subject to your husband/partner right now? Would they be receptive?

Would they highly consider it? Are you afraid to have the discussion? Have you failed in previous discussions?

You don’t have to answer. But it’s certainly something to think about. I think women need to really consider that family planning DOESN’T have to rest 100% on our bodies.

Men have unparalleled access to pussy with no fucking care in the world. James Brown won’t wrong. It’s definitely a man’s world indeed.

Altogether, I want women to understand the power of choice we have over our bodies and relationships.

YOU are your own gatekeeper. YOU get to déterminé and negotiate what will and will not happen with your body.

YOU get to ask that your partner also bear PHYSICAL responsibility for contraception.

I didn’t even touch on the fact that birth control puts many women at risk for blood clots and heart conditions.

Some birth control has weight limits. What if pills don’t work for you but you’re over the weight limit for ones that are best for you.

I remember when the patch came out, you couldn’t be over like 193 pounds. Access to birth control is needed.

But OPTIONS for men need to be considered too because birth control isn’t for everyone.

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And please forgive me for not using inclusive language throughout my discussion. I would like to clear that up by saying that I’m.. …referring to any person who has the ability to conceive and bear children.

Again, I’m really sorry and you, too, are included in this conversation.”


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