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Celebrity Mum, Funke Akindele Gives Insights Into How She Manages Conflict In Her Marriage

Celebrity Mum, Funke Akindele Gives Insights Into How She Manages Conflict In Her Marriage

Favorite Nollywood star and mum, Funke Akindele-Bello, has given her fans an insight into how she manages conflicts in her marriage to hubby, Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz.

The mum-of-twins revealed that she is quick to apologize in case of an argument with her husband, saying that she recognizes that they both have different strengths.

The actress who struggled with fertility for some time but welcomed her twin boys in December 2019 opened up about prioritizing respect and managing conflicts in her marriage during an interview session on Your View which airs on TVC. 

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“When we have disagreements, I apologise first. You know me; it is mouth that I have. I will say everything and just let it go and my anger span is very short but Abdul’s own is longer, so, he takes his time before he gets angry. Abdul does not get angry easily, he takes things easy.

“And Abdul knows how to communicate better; so, if I am having issues with someone I am working with, I usually go and report the person to him.

I ask him, ‘what do we do now because you know that I don’t know how to talk o.’ Then he tells me to calm down and goes to talk to the person,”

the ace actress said.

The Jenifa’s Diary actress who co-produces most of her projects with her husband further spoke on their working relationship. Akindele-Bello noted that she has the creative juice while her husband handles the technical aspect.

In her words, JJC Skillz is “very understanding and he is a very good man.”

She said,

“For Abdul and me; I am the major producer, Abdul does not produce, he does not even like it. He is a director, he is so technical. I am very creative, he is very technical and he is very good.”

Giving a scenario as she mimicked her husband’s British accent, the diva said,

“As a co-director with Abdul, if I do not want something, I tell him. Like I keep nagging, where is your shot list, where is your shot list? We have to get this shot list.

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I say it like two days before; I tell him let us talk about the shot list but he says, ‘Yo, Yo, I am coming.’ With his accent, but he has everything in his head.

So, when we get to the set, I tell him what I want us to do but he will reply saying, ‘Yo, Yo see this place is small. We have to manage it’.

“I tell him, ‘Skillz, ma so be (don’t say so); let us do it from here.’ But he will say ‘Babe, please calm down, calm down.’ Sometimes I tell him, ‘Fi ooyinbo le, leave English’.”

Akindele-Bello described her husband as a very understanding and good man. She added that she had learned over the years to respect her partner no matter what.

“You should not command people to do things; you should communicate in a subtle way. You should not be defensive, you should not nag.

So, I tell my husband things I do not like and he does so the same way,”

the mum-of-two stated.

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