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Celebrity Stylist And Mum, Toyin Lawani Gets The Perfect Valentine’s Gift And Everything About It Is Just So Beautiful!

Celebrity Stylist And Mum, Toyin Lawani Gets The Perfect Valentine’s Gift And Everything About It Is Just So Beautiful!

Talk about a perfect Valentine present! What better present can a single, hardworking and glamorous woman wish for than to be surprised by loved one, especially starting the new year with a change in one’s relationship status.

Love is a beautiful thing and it’s more awesome when you’re spending the rest of your life with a friend who understands you for who you are.

This is the case of stylish Lagos designer and fashionista mum, Toyin Lawani who has always been prominent in telling the world how much she’s willing to give love another chance in her life.

The 38-year-old beautiful serial entrepreneur was finally given the best gift she would have wanted for valentine as her longtime photographer boyfriend popped the big question.

Segun Wealth who has been Toyin’s photographer for quite some time now finally asked if she’s willing to spend the rest of her life with him and her answer was Yes.

Unable to hide the excitement and joy that comes with being in an engaged relationship, the free-spirited mom-of-two took to her official Instagram account to share the romantic moment her boo asked the question and everything about it is just so beautiful.

She noted via the caption how happy she is to have left the singles market and top personalities in the entertainment industry have joined her in the celebration.

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The CEO of Tiannah’s Empire captioned the video:

“I WAS SO SURPRISED AND SHOCKED by @segun_wealth and @deeeunknown ??‍♂️ didn’t know when I Beat him with the flower o ???? me I felt they just brought vals gift o, until I saw uncle on the floor ??????
Best Valentine’s Day ever ??
Officially Mrs Adebayo ?wouldn’t have had it another way, cause he’s my Best friend and Creative partner, we work so well together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

He planned this with my personal assistant and friends @gloayoade and @prettydammy2 ❤️❤️ I love you guys so much, will share all their planning videos later ?

Like he planned makeup, videography ah etc and kept saying babe let’s go for dinner , I’m like I don’t feel Iike , I should have known something was up ????❤️??‍♂️
The king of all Queens is Taken ?.”

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The visibly excited momma in another post wrote:

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”Money can’t buy happiness trust me, I have been there and done that, a times I cried all the way to work in my top cars and cried myself to sleep in my pent house, but you see that thing called happiness all the money showered on me in the world couldn’t still give it to me, a lot of people who haven’t seen money before are quick to say ha if I see that kind of money what else will I be looking for ???? my dear all that glitters ain’t gold, some relationships are just bondage and mental /physical abuse you will have to walk away from, freedom is priceless and when I gained it I promised to never let it go ever and worked my ass back to the top.

Men can mess up, but your Talent can never turn its back on you, so nurture it, it will end up being your ticket to success, don’t worry it’s a story for another day, my new Book will shed more light and my season3 Tiannahs empire Reality tv show will answer most of your questions on my page today , @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow just wait for it.

1st of March is loading, Never judge a Book by its cover and never judge anyone until you know Their story, some want to share the hurt some don’t want to open old wounds , cause all they show you is strength, the strongest women are the ones who fall and stand back up like nothing happened and stay focused on their goals?????.

What @segun_wealth gave me is uncommon wealth, taught me how to live life all over again and appreciate the little things , life itself , the air we breathe and the people around us ❤️ if you know me , you will know I’m married to my work and don’t have time to even play around. Some people still tie money to happiness but it might be too late before they understand that it can’t fill the void.”

Watch the sweet moment HERE.

Love is such a beautiful thing. Congratulations Toyin!


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