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Doctor Who Was Eager To Be The Perfect Wife In The First Year Of Her Marriage Shares Story To ‘Set A Few Singles Free’

Doctor Who Was Eager To Be The Perfect Wife In The First Year Of Her Marriage Shares Story To ‘Set A Few Singles Free’

A woman who was eager to please her husband and be the perfect wife in the early stages of her marriage has shared her hilarious story to “set a few people free”.

The doctor, Nena Bekee on twitter narrated how she listened to advice from people about what a wife should be and do in a marriage to please her husband, but her husband was not keen on those things.

Dr. N recalled how she dressed well to make herself appealing to her husband when he returned from work as people advice newly married women, but when her husband saw her, he asked if she was going out.

When she pointed out that she was only trying to look good for him, he told her she’s at home and ought to be comfortable.

She also narrated how she wanted to help her husband pack when he was travelling as women are advised to. But her husband declined and told her he prefers to pack himself so he can easily know where he kept things.

According to the doctor, she is sharing her story to advise people, especially single sis, to calm down with the advices people give them because marriage is not that hard.

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Read her full tweets below…

”I had been married about 1 year when we moved to Lagos. I was yet to get a new job and I had a baby so I was spending quite a bit of time at home.

One day, I remembered that “they” said you should get dressed up when your husband is coming home so that they will not be tempted By the “Strange Woman” I put on a nice outfit, did my hair and wore perfume.

When Hubs came in, I went to the door and posed.

Him: Are you going somewhere?

Me: No Him: Sure?

Me: Yep

Him: So why???

Me: I just wanted to…

Him: But you’re at home?

Me: I just wanted to look nice to welcome you.

Him: Hian! You’re at home. You need to be comfortable. Relax abeg…

Another occasion was his 1st ever solo travel after we got married.

Me: Let me pack your things (That’s how they used to do in feem na)

Him: Why???

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Me: To help you

Him: But I’ll be unable to find things if you pack them for me. Thanks sha. Nobody has ever offered.

I share these stories to set a few people free. The thing no too hard like that. E calm down. Single sis, reading sad stories and shouting “God forbid!” No be like that. No be everybody dey ask for freshly-cooked seafood okro and pounded yam every morning.”

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