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Charming Nollywood Actor, Wole Ojo On Why He Would Love To Marry An Older Woman

Charming Nollywood Actor, Wole Ojo On Why He Would Love To Marry An Older Woman

Nollywood star actor, Wole Ojo says he is single and not seeing anyone at the moment despite his charming looks. He, however, admits that marriage can happen any time.

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun, the 36-year-old Oyo-born actor disclosed that he wouldn’t mind marrying an older woman, (cougar). According to him, marrying older women is far more rewarding than is the case with dating younger women, noting that older women are more grounded than the young ones.

In his words:

”Oh, totally, I can marry a woman older than me. They (older women) seem to have their heads more grounded. They are more mature and more disciplined, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have some young people who have their heads on the shoulder perfectly. When you look at the majority, most times, people that are older just seem to have their heads more grounded.”

Tell us the quality you desire in a woman?

For me, it’s respect before love, because I believe if both parties respect each other, there are things they will not do to each other. The feeling to do wrong sometimes is very enticing, but if both parties respect each other, they’ll say, ‘If I do this my partner will not be happy about it. Likewise, if my partner does this to me I will not be happy about it’.

Are you seeing someone presently?

No, not right now.

So, you are not searching?

I do not believe in taking torchlight and searching for a partner, because that is how many people have gotten into trouble and into relationships that are failing. I believe in living your best life, doing what you have to do, and when the person comes, it’s going to happen naturally.

But when you set out a target and say, ‘within two weeks or one month, I’m going to have a partner that I will spend the rest of my life with’, I think that adds a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Then you start to consider every person you encounter, and in doing that, you’ll be considering some people that you are not even supposed to be having conversations with, and you put yourself into a messy situation.

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He also sheds more light on his career, revealing how he became the toast of many producers in the movie industry.

What are the limitations you had during the COVID-19 lockdown?

First of all, the fear of the virus created a certain mental block and I was personally trying to be careful. I became very paranoid. I pride myself to be a very handsome, clean person.

I do most of the cleaning in the house myself, even after I got a cleaner to do that. So, this time around I went to the extreme. I found myself scrubbing every inch of the house with disinfectant. I wasn’t working during the lockdown, putting into consideration the curfew, and not being able to travel, there was a total limitation.

What new thing did you discover about yourself during the lockdown?

Actually, being indoors during the lockdown wasn’t strange to me, because I can actually be by myself and do the things I like to do best. I’m a gamer; I paint, draw, and write.

What project are you currently working on?

I’m already committed to about three different projects, and I have a couple of them I am working on with my best friend, Seun Ajayi.

You’ve featured in a series of movies, which one would you say is the most challenging?

I’ve had a couple of challenging projects. I would say The Child. There was also Maami, not because of how tedious the movie was, but the complex nature of the project. Then there is Kamsy directed by Uzodimma Ogbeche but it is not out yet.

What do you like about the character you played in Kamsy?

The movie was very deep, very emotional. I was driven by the urge to do better for my love. I don’t want to give much about the movie because I want people to watch it. We shot in Jos under very harsh conditions, in the middle of the night, when it was extremely cold. It was physically and mentally challenging, so I was quite honoured to be in that project.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

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There’s been so many, but let me share this one. A fan walked up to me in the presence of my girlfriend and said she wanted a picture. She took the picture, checked it and left. She then came back and dragged me like it was her right, saying, ‘That picture was not fine, let’s take another one’.

What were the difficulties you had before coming into the spotlight?

There were a number of the regular challenges like finances, trying to get roles, building one’s talent, meeting the right people, and networking. It’s a profession that people might not admit to, but it is very relationship-based. So, you have to meet people, introduce yourself, network and make yourself available.

Have you had any misconception about yourself from people that made you feel like, ‘this is not me’?

A lot of people out there think I’m an extremely quiet person. That’s interesting. That’s very interesting.

Who is Wole Ojo aside what we see on screen?

Wole is easy going, jovial, fun loving and very strict. Like every other person, he likes the good things of life. Wole is very straightforward and direct. I say it as it is.

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Apart from acting, what other things do you do?

I’m selling cars and slowly building a farm business, my younger brother and I.

Is marriage still far or near to you?

I don’t peg a date to it. It can happen any day.

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