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Former Side Chic, Who Claimed She Could Get Any Married Man She Wanted, Tips Women On What To Do To Stop Their Husbands From Cheating

Former Side Chic, Who Claimed She Could Get Any Married Man She Wanted, Tips Women On What To Do To Stop Their Husbands From Cheating

A young woman who used to be a side chic and said there was no man she wanted and didn’t get, is advising women on what to do to stop their men from cheating.

The woman who has now repented said that when she was still living a life of sin, she got any married man she wanted, even the religious ones.

In a twitter thread, P. Deborah Moses -(Unfeigned Universal) said she and other women in her clique understood that every man lacks something, so they set out to find that thing he lacks and they provide it to him 100 percent and with time, the man falls for them.

She further explained that women get busy after children come and as a result, most married men do not get their wife’s complete attention.

So, even when the woman is giving the man 90%, they, the side chics, identify the 10% that is missing and fill what is missing in the man’s life.

She added that “no one is above cheating” and advised married women to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to prevent their husbands from straying. She further adviced women to ask their spouses what can be done to make it better than it is, like Praying together, going out with their spouses etc.

See her tweets below.

”A tweet just Triggered this Thread. As a lady in the world, I don’t know under what influence, definitely not the Holy Spirit, I have never set my eyes on a man I want that I haven’t gotten. Even married men. Being in a clan of girls that married men were their source.

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Many things get a man to cheat, including your deacons and Ministers of God. Aside from a man being a cheat, some are provoked to be a cheat, One common strategy of girls in the world is the understanding a man lacks something at home, on experience, it’s the basic truth.

Married women tend to switch concentration at some point in their marriage, especially when they start having children that they don’t even realize what portal is opened. It starts with she’s a new mother let me give her some time and with time, it’s become the norm.

Now, a worldly girl in her first conversation with this man knows exactly what he is missing in his home, guess what? She concentrates 100% on that one thing he is missing, which seems like a priority to him at that point, and gets his full attention.

This man forgetting he is getting 90% from home tends to share concentration with the woman outside which just gives him 10%, which seems like 100% because that is what he lacks from home. I met a married man, all he wanted was a doggy and sex aside from the bedroom.

When I met him, he had only a kid, he was a Christian, I wasn’t, you would have expected he should know better, we got talking and from our 45 min conversation he lacked things I could sense. Aside from their sex life, there wasn’t a random gist type of Communication, he wanted to talk about movies, celebrities, cars & co. No jokes when they say marry your type.

I was a girl with the random gist, or at least I could be that person. He wanted to just have that person, Long story short, he became addicted to me, that he sent his pregnant wife and kid to the UK.

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My point exactly, girls out there are gifted with gifts to identify what your man needs. You see those ones that look innocent and don’t show flesh, fear them more.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, Ask your spouse what can be done to make it better than it is Pray together, Spice up your marriage, go out with your spouse.

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Don’t wait till the holidays to have fun, take the children to your parents, book a hotel and spoil your selves.

See ba, no one is above cheating, it takes the grace of God, self-discipline, and cooperation from the spouse. Seat down, trace & communicate your steps as couples from time to time. Gist about that person you met that got you smiling.

But now, I’m of God and I do things of God. Glory!!!”

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