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Dear MIMsters: I Just Want To Run Away From My Current Life

Dear MIMsters: I Just Want To Run Away From My Current Life

I just want to run away from my current life. I am in so much pains.
I got married at a real young age (20), I had just graduated from the university when I found out I was pregnant, there was no other option than to get married.
My husband is a good man but he is an unrepentant cheat. He cheated to the extent that he had a child with his married lover barely 3 months after I had my first child. I got to find out after I saw the picture of the child on his phone. She’s my daughter’s twin (they look so much alike).
I confronted him, he cried and begged that he didn’t know this woman was pregnant until she was 8 months gone… blah blah blah. I overlooked it but deep down inside, I wasn’t happy. Did that stop him from cheating? Capital NO.
To the main story, he’s been going out with a particular girl for some months. I found out immediately they started their lovey dovey and we fought. I cried, I begged, I did everything just to make sure they split but my husband said whatever he does with his life is none of my business, as long as he doesn’t bring them home.
I told him if she gets pregnant, that would be the end of us. That didn’t stop him from cheating with her, she became the love of his life and I was just there. As a typical Nigerian woman with the Nigerian mentality, I decided to face my kids and my business, and he never stopped taking up his responsibilities. We fought about the whole issue a few months ago, he promised he had broken up with her and there was nothing going on between them, I decided not to push further for the sake of my own sanity?.
To cut the long story short, I found out last month that they are still together and the most annoying thing is that this girl told my husband that he must get her an iPhone because he got one for his stupid wife. She said all kind of things about me. She called me names and all my husband could do was apologize.
I got so mad that I fought seriously with my husband. I told him he is the reason his side chick has no iota of respect for me. I was forced to message the girl and what did she say? She told me I was mad and she’s never going to leave my husband, that I should do whatever it is I want to do. She said that I can go kill myself for all she cares but she will never leave my husband. ? Is it her fault? No, na me fuck up, lol, long story short, madam don get belle and she’s threatened never to abort the baby. Her family has been calling my husband and threatening him with death threat if he tries to leave her.
My husband is dead scared that he’s become a shadow of himself. He has started taking hard drugs and the thing is taking a big toll on him. He’s been trying to hide it from me but I already know. I told him last night and all he could do was cry and beg me not to leave him.

I’m in dilemma, I’m presently 2 months pregnant and I have 2 kids. Where do I start from? I’m thinking of terminating this pregnancy since I’m not fit to cater for 3 kids on my own. I’m not ready physically, psychologically and financially. The whole thing is affecting me as I don’t know what to do.

A part of me wants to leave while the other part wants to stay for the sake of my kids as they can’t do without their father. He assured me the girl would terminate the pregnancy…..yenyenyen. I’m in pains, I don’t know what to do. I just wanna run away from this whole thing

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