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Media Personality, Sizwe Dhlomo Makes Strong Points On Why He Won’t Leave His Wife Over Infidelity

Media Personality, Sizwe Dhlomo Makes Strong Points On Why He Won’t Leave His Wife Over Infidelity

South African TV and radio personality, Sizwe Dhlomo raised eyebrows when he weighed in on a hot topic on social media. The Kaya FM host revealed a lot about where he stood with cheating and relationships.

This comes after popular American YouTuber and relationship guru with 1.3 million Instagram followers, Derrick Jaxn, who has even published relationship books, confessed to serially cheating on his wife.

Derrick trended on Twitter when a video of himself speaking about having an affair was released. In the video, he is joined by his wife, Da’Naia Jackson.

Many tweeps felt that Da’Nais should have left Derrick for cheating. They also said she should be embarrassed for sitting next to him while he confesses.

While she defended him, saying she initially fled their union but later decided to stay when she saw a change in him, many were not buying it.

Reacting, the media personality noted that he will never leave his wife for sleeping with another man. The former MTV Base VJ stated this after sports presenter, Mpho Letsholonyane tweeted about Jada and Will Smith‘s “Red Table Talk” show following allegations that Jada had a relationship and slept with singer, August Alsina.

Mpho said that no other man would have been able to sit through the conversation, adding that she believed most men wouldn’t even want to be in the same town as the “cheating wife”.

When Mpho Letsholonyane tweeted,

“Turn the tables on that video. Only Will Smith would sit there quietly. No other man I know would even be in the same town as you, let alone same room.”

Sizwe replied, saying: “Lol! I’d stay… I’m not even joking.”

Sizwe’s tweet then started a massive debate on the TL about cheating. While many replied to the star saying he was lying, others believed him.

“Nah, honestly I would. It would depend phela on whether or not she still wants to be with me but I’m certainly not leaving my wife just because she slept with another man if she’s sorry about it. Nope. Real talk,”

he backed to Mpho.

“There’s so much that I’m hoping to do with my wife … I can’t just walk away from all of that because of sex. Not me pa. SMH!” he added.

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Sizwe made it clear he was not lying or trying to score some brownie points with his tweet.

“My dude, let me tell you something & I’m not even stunting but … women have liked me since I was a baby. I’ve never needed to cap or simp for it. This is honestly just how I feel. I also don’t need to impress anybody so I don’t see what my motivation would be for capping.”

He admitted that cheating is violent but said that sometimes “it’s just a mistake.”

“Trust gets eroded everyday. It also gets rebuilt everyday. How many things have you done that eroded your girl’s trust in you?”

he queried a Tweep.

Sizwe further said that he would not tear his family apart due to pride and to prove a point to strangers.

“If she really demonstrates that she is sorry for it and still wants to be with you, what are you leaving for?”

See his tweets below:

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The viral confession video, dubbed “cringe-worthy” by fans, has amassed 2.6 million views in one day on Instagram, another 600,000 on YouTube and half a million on Facebook.

The dating guru in the video, revealed that he had sex with other women outside of his marriage, and was also involved in some other activities which are not in line with the vows he took and the biblical standards he preaches about.

He came out to admit to cheating after he was exposed on social media. A woman identified as Candice De Medeiros came out in open in revealing that she has been having an affair with him.

Derrick Jackson initially denied cheating with Candice or any other woman. The relationship expert released a video on YouTube slamming the affair rumours. However, hours later, he came out to confess that he had sex with multiple women while married.

In the video where he admitted to infidelity, he was joined by his wife Da’Naia Jackson and she says she plans to remain in the marriage. Da’Naia said in the video:

“There is no justification for bringing another woman into our relationship on any level. It is unacceptable and this is not something I will tolerate or we will tolerate moving forward.

“I have been flooded with messages asking why haven’t I left but the answer for that is when I found out I did leave. I did not hesitate or waste my time. I stood firm on not coming back.

“I did not come back until I saw a shift in his personality or how he presented himself during conversations. This is something we never had in 12 years of knowing each other.

“There is nothing I don’t know about and we have moved forward from it. He continues to seek guidance and that is what I need to stay in the marriage. Today, I am at peace and probably stand by his side. I have no hesitation, hate, or shame.”


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