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Submission In Marriage Is Both Ways – Victoria Inyama Explains

Submission In Marriage Is Both Ways – Victoria Inyama Explains

Submission in marriage has a bad rap in today’s world. Mum of three and Nollywood screen queen of the 90s, Victoria Inyama has shared her opinion on submission in marriages.

According to the UK based former Nollywood actress who got divorced after a couple of years in marriage, submission goes both ways and not reserved for women alone.

The single mom made this known during a live session on Instagram where she opined that our selfish cultural and religious beliefs don’t highlight men submitting to their wives than it does to women. According to Inyama:

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”Submission is not only the wife. Submission is both of them. Submission is the wife submitting to the husband and vice versa.

But Our selfish cultural and religious conditioning again does not highlight the man submission to the wife because if you grow up hearing it both ways, it will stick.

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There is also a place in the bible where it says, woman, your husband own your body and men, your wife owns your body, but you don’t hear the husband part, so it make it easier for them.”

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Watch her speak HERE.

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