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Some Simple Rituals That Help In Building A Healthy, Lasting Marriage According To Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo

Some Simple Rituals That Help In Building A Healthy, Lasting Marriage According To Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo

Marriage conceived out of true love can be exciting and fulfilling when all seem to be going great. However, it can slowly drift into isolation if the emotional bond is not nurtured.

A lot of couples do not understand the importance of emotional connection in building a healthy marital relationship that can be observed daily to keep you connected even when you are miles apart.

The secret of many lasting marriages, according to a family life coach, Elizabeth Badejo, is the ability to sustain and boost their love for each other even in this age of marital separations and high divorce rate.

The coach listed below, four rituals that are secrets to a long, lasting marriage…

Give a few good hugs daily

Physical affection according to studies is linked to marital fulfillment and appreciation in marriage. Couples who have a low level of physical affection are more likely to have zero tolerance for each other because they lack emotional attachment which must be present to experience physical affection.

A hug a day can keep conflicts away and there is no better time to start appreciating each other more with a hug in the mornings especially if your spouse is anxious about the future.

When you hug each other before you leave for work in the morning, you are more likely to enjoy a positive mood throughout the day which can also improve on your attitudes towards others around you.

Pray together as one

The beauty of marriage is the creation of two people who can stand in the gap for each other when one is weak. The power of two praying together has a huge spiritual significance that can strengthen your relationship when you put God in the centre.

When you both make a commitment to observe this daily ritual as a couple it becomes the bond that keeps you together. Praying together keeps you humble, and intimately opens your hearts to grow and work in agreement with God and not the expectations of men.

Praying in the morning is a great way to start afresh and seek clarity for a new day and praying in the evening before bedtime can bring relief after a hectic day so that you can enjoy a night of peace.

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Have a date night together

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Even though you may both have very busy work lives, you should also make room to spend time together. A date night has proven to help many couples struggling in their marriages take back their relationship and this is the commitment you both must invest your time in.

It is as simple as going on an evening or night out to your favourite restaurant, cinema, or theatre at least once a month to spend away from other distractions. Having regular date nights will make you feel more connected together as well as ignite your love for each other.

Retire to bed together

Many couples are finding it difficult to enjoy a good night sleep because they have different sleep patterns which have taken over the satisfaction of having an intimate moment of cuddling in bed together.

For many, the joy of spending hours in bed with their spouse has been replaced by other priorities which now occupy their time. Spending time in bed before you sleep is a great way to build intimate conversation which can have a positive effect on your marital health and wellbeing.

Women are known to enjoy bedroom conversation which helps them feel safe and loved.

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