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Reno Omokri Faces Heavy Backlash For Lashing Out At This Category Of Single Mothers In Latest Twitter Post

Reno Omokri Faces Heavy Backlash For Lashing Out At This Category Of Single Mothers In Latest Twitter Post

Former aide to ex-president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has said that one of the groups of women he doesn’t have pity for are single mothers.

The author and socio-political commentator recently took to his page on Twitter to attack single mothers. According to the married dad of three, he only gives respect to or has sympathy on single mothers who were either raped or lost their husbands.

According to Reno, the trend of being a single mother has become the new norm in the system. He stated that the black world has recorded a lot of single motherhood, and is now facing a baby mama epidemic.

He went further to urge the public to discourage the epidemic of baby mamas and help women in the system.

In his words, he tweeted,

“Except she was raped, or widowed, I have zero sympathies for single mothers. The Black world faces a baby mama epidemic. We must not encourage it, or make celebrities out of bleached, surgically enhanced Jezebels who are unashamed of their whoredom!”

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In another post, Reno Omokri stated that Black Africa has recorded the highest number of HIV due to the extramarital sex they get involved in. He pushed that the issue of babies’ abandonment must be addressed and also a form of education on the society on moral decadence should be encouraged.

He tweeted,

“Because of pre and extramarital sex, Black Africa has the highest HIV prevalence on Earth. Babies abandoned on the road DAILY. I run an orphanage. I see first hand the effects of sexual promiscuity. Africa must address her society’s moral decadence.”

As expected, Reno came under heavy backlash online after he registered his lack of sympathy for single mothers. BBNaija star, Bisola Aiyeola who is a single mom and others lashed out at him.

She responded and wrote: “Sir you’re just giving yourself headache. Single mothers gan no rate you. Saint Reno.”

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Reacting to the backlash, Reno took to his Instagram page where he explained that most black males in prison are from single mothers. According to him, single motherhood is devastating the black race. He wrote:

“Yesterday, I said unless she was raped, widowed, or escaping an abusive husband, I have no sympathy for single mothers. Some people took offence. Single motherhood is devastating the Black Race. It may be convenient for you. But is it convenient for your child? 78% of all babies born to African American women are born by single mothers.

In New York, more Black babies are aborted than are born. No other race has such SHAMEFUL statistics. If my sexual purity teaching annoys you, I invite you to visit the motherless babies home God helped me build, to see the effects of premarital sex. The Black world should stop pretending this is not a challenge. No other race has such an abysmal rate of single mothers. Most Black males in prison come from single mothers!”

His post further received some mixed reactions from fans as they trooped under the post and reacted.

the_abelson: People took offence because “Escaping Abusive Husband” was not stated clearly in your first post. I have took my time to explain to some people even on Twitter on your behalf just the way you have it here.

A lot of women will not agree with you because they believe they can use their below the skirt FACULTY to please men and get money and influence, hence there are lots of unwanted child everywhere.

hourglass_folu: Teach your men to become better fathers. Teach men not to sleep around and impregnate different women with no intention of marriage. How will you blame a single mother for keeping & raising a child on her own?? That’s just ignorant. If you are as wise & objective as you believe you are, you wouldn’t put the blame all on 1 gender.

eaglesegg: ??? the truth can be painful. Please speak on. ❤️

ifedayorichie: Nothing but a bitter truth ?

anonymous: One thing I know is people standing in for single mums never wish to marry them, many dont even want them near their spouse or even want their kids to marry such but are all here shouting down Reno, but why cant you all show love to the single mums by marrying them or recommending them to your loved ones, many of them are not bad but made bad decisions, you come here supporting them but when someone introduces you to one for marriage, you will say God forbid, how can I marry her when there are single women without kids, you guys are just hypocrites, women are also here doing solidarity but will be the first to tear into pieces any single mum who comes close to their brother. For everyman that goes ahead to make an honorable woman of a single mum God Bless you for giving her that second chance and for every lady that encourage s the brother to marry a good single mum, God Bless You but the rest of you are all liars.

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