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‘Mum If You Watch This, I …’ – Jeta Amata’s Daughter Makes Emotional Appeal To Her Mom, Mbong Amata In New Video

‘Mum If You Watch This, I …’ – Jeta Amata’s Daughter Makes Emotional Appeal To Her Mom, Mbong Amata In New Video

Nigerian Filmmaker, Jeta Amata’s daughter, Veno has released a new video where she is sending her mom Mbong Amata lots of love and hugs.

Earlier yesterday, Jeta had cried out on social media about the disappearance of his ex wife, noting that he hadn’t heard from her in a while and the family was quite concerned about her whereabouts.

Jeta Amata took to his Instagram page yesterday morning to express his worry that Mbong has not been in contact with their daughter for months now and they are deeply concerned.

The last time Mbong posted a photo on her Instagram page was on January 17. He said no one seems to know anything about Mbong and that it is affecting his daughter.

The 12-year-old daughter of the actress has now made a video where she is appealing to her mom to reach out to her.

In the new video he posted, Veno said she hasn’t heard or seen her mum since New Year’s day and that efforts to get in touch with her have proved abortive.

She updated her mom that she has been doing well in school and appealed to the public or anyone who has useful information about her to please reach out to them.

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Jeta and Mbong went their separate ways in 2012 after 10 years of marriage and a daughter. They have remained friendly exes since then and have even embarked on a movie project together.

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Mbong and Jeta Amata met in 2001 at an audition in Calabar. Two years later when she was 18 they began dating. They married in 2008 and their daughter Veno was born later that year. In 2013 they separated and in 2014 they divorced.

Mbong Amata cited being married too young as the reason for their divorce. She said

“I had dreams and aspirations as a young girl and I had my career ahead of me though I got into marriage at a very young age. At some point one had to give way for the other.”

Jeta Amata corroborated this, adding that their 11-year age gap and his experience in the industry made him controlling. He said,

“Mbong got tired because I didn’t give her as much room as I should have. She is an actress, I’m a director and I insisted on the kind of job she should take.”

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