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Actress, Linda Ejiofor Takes Us Through Her Pregnancy Experiences As Her Son Clocks One

Actress, Linda Ejiofor Takes Us Through Her Pregnancy Experiences As Her Son Clocks One

Nollywood actress, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman has taken to social media to share experiences of her pregnancy as her son clocks one yesterday.

Pregnancy journey holds varying emotions for different mothers. Some exciting, some sweet, some excruciating, … but in all, whatever your pregnancy journey, it’s always beautiful to share because sharing could be therapeutic for you and others reading or listening to it.

Sharing cute pictures of her son, Linda said he and her husband, actor Ibrahim Suleiman could not contain their excitement when they discovered she was pregnant.

According to the mother of one, before her delivery, she went for her usual ante-natal. However, she returned home having unbearable pains that left her crying all night and unable to sleep until she went to the hospital in the morning.

Read her narration below;

“I remember the day we found out that we were pregnant. It was the best day of my life. I remember telling your father and how he jumped up and hugged me, he can tell you his own side of the story.

Then the process began. Ohhh the unforgettable process. We were happy that we had you. I remember the day before you were born, went for my antenatal as usual, coming back home, It was a bumpy ride.

I was very uncomfortable throughout that day, just felt this pain in my pelvic area. I thought it was something that would eventually pass as usual( Braxton Hicks). But, wow. It lasted the whole night, and at 4am of the 9th I started crying.

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Not because of the pain but because I hadn’t slept, and I was so tired. All I wanted to do was just sleep. Even candy crush couldn’t keep me distracted.

I tried helping your dad cut his hair because he had an impromptu shoot that morning, which was supposed to be his day off. It was, by the grace of God that I didn’t give him gorimakpa. Anyway, I kept cringing and holding my breath and standing still and squeezing my hands or his.

Whenever I felt the pain. At 7am Ibro sent a message to the doctor and told what had been going on, and that my pain is 7 over 10. And for me seven over 10 is like, 12, over 10 for other people (yep high threshold for pain).

So doctor (God bless you Prof!) told me to come to the hospital immediately. I got to the hospital, and they started monitoring my contractions and everything.

I thought, you know, it was going to be my usual checkup, seeing as the day before i was told you hadn’t descended yet, so i had like a week to go.

Little did I know I was in labour through out that night. As soon as the Dr touched my tummy and carried out a detailed examination, she told me the baby was coming today.

Everything after that went so fast, I was in shock, I didn’t have my hospital bag with me nothing. Luckily for me I went with my sister thank God.”

Still in the mood of celebration, the delighted dad also turned to social media to honor his son’s first birthday and to share his happiness.

The actor posted gorgeous images of his child on Instagram and said in the caption that his baby is a constant reminder of all the times he questioned God.

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The star repeated the significance of the names he offered his child and said that he and his wife are conscious of and thankful for their son, who has been a source of blessing for them.

Suleiman lavished his kid with prayers and said that he normally has words but he is overcome with pleasure.

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He wrote:

”Just Look At This Prince.
I mean, look at him.
Everyday I look at him, I am reminded of all the times I doubted God and He chastised me with His mercy. God is gracious (Keon) And by Faith, He abides with Us (Iman)
Your names are a regular confession and reassuring reminder.
@ihuomalindaejiofor and I are grateful for you, and we are aware of the blessings you came to us bearing.

God bless you, may your path shine ever brighter, may you know Him for yourself, and carry His word in your heart. May you learn to be kind and compassionate, thoughtful and bold. You are a man of character and righteousness. You will live a full, fulfilled and impactful long life, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

Happy Birthday, My Sonshine.
You are loved. You are Love. We Love You.
I usually have the words, but today I am just so overwhelmed with Joy.”


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