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Actor, Timini Egbuson Breaks Silence Over Allegations Leveled Against Him By His 19-Year-Old Ex-girlfriend, Lydia

Actor, Timini Egbuson Breaks Silence Over Allegations Leveled Against Him By His 19-Year-Old Ex-girlfriend, Lydia

Famous Nigerian actor-presenter, Timini Egbuson has broken his silence following the allegations made by his 19-year-old ex girlfriend that he’s monster and has slept with all the girls in Lagos.

We had earlier reported in a lengthy tweet Timini’s girlfriend, Lydia posted on Twitter where she publicly called him out and dragged in the mud over allegations that he took advantage of her and he sleeps with underage girls.

Lydia also claimed that Timini is a predator, a pervert, a terrible person, a cradle snatcher, and a monster who stole her peace away and frustrated her during their relationship and leaving him has made her learned a lot even though it’s fighting to watch him going for much younger babes.

Lydia made a lot of allegations against Timini and reacting to it all, he said they both consented to the relationship which their family members were aware of but things didn’t work out because of mistakes on both sides.

According to Timini, he has never dated any lady without their consent and the accusation is baseless because he would never do such.

The 33-year-old also mentioned that he was in a relationship with Lydia for two years as consenting adults and they decided to go their separate ways due to some circumstances that were beyond them.

He added that he is reacting to the allegations because of the advice his entire team gave him but didn’t mention whether what his ex-girlfriend Lydia said about him is true or not since he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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Read all he wrote below;

“To all concerned… I don’t normally address things as I have dealt with accusations my entire career, but after discussions with my team, I have decided to speak up on this issue.

Firstly, I would like to make clear beyond any doubt that I do not condone having relationships or courting anyone do not condone having relationships or courting anyone under consent.

Rumours are rumours, but baseless accusations of sexual abuse or grooming of underage women is something I don’t take lightly given the severity of the issue.

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Secondly, let’s be clear, I am a single adult man who has dated women of different ages, all of whom were older than the legal consenting age.

Lydia and I dated two years ago. We were both consenting adults at the time and our families knew and approved of each other. Our relationship didn’t work out due to circumstances we were both at fault for, which resulted in our parting ways.

Our relationship was a volatile one and mistakes were made on both ends.

Nevertheless, I learned from it and I have since moved on. I honestly, would like to put that chapter of my life behind me and I wish her well. Sending everyone love and light always.”

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