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Looking At Social Media For A Husband And Submission In Marriage: Pastor Folu Adeboye Issues Words Of Caution To Single Ladies

Looking At Social Media For A Husband And Submission In Marriage: Pastor Folu Adeboye Issues Words Of Caution To Single Ladies

The wife of the General-Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Folu Adeboye, has cautioned singles women against searching for a life partner on social media.

Mrs Adeboye who has been married for over 50 years gave the word of caution while preaching at the 25th annual convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Thursday, August 19.

According to the grandma:

”Those of us who are not yet married and we are in the house, in your new beginning don’t look at Instagram or the social media for a husband. Let God choose for you. The General Overseer will always say that when you miss the right person in your marriage, then it is the beginning of hell for you.

Take time, listen to the voice of your God, let God direct you to the right man. Don’t choose by sight, don’t choose because the man has a good car, a good job. If he has a good job today and tomorrow he doesn’t have a good job, what will you do?

I knew my husband when he was in the University and by the grace of God, he finished and from there, we started life after marriage but at the end of all that he went to study at the University, we came back to ground zero to be a Pastor, a worker in the vineyard.

Nobody, no young woman will say okay, at a particular stage in our marriage, he wants to come back to ground zero and then begin to…. But it happened, I thank God I didn’t marry the wrong person.

Brethren, those of you who are not yet married, learn from Mama Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. She told the angel, how is this going to happen, finally she said; “according to thy word. Let the will of God be done in my life” (Luke 1:38).

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Don’t marry by sight, marry by faith in the Lord Jesus and you will enjoy your marriage.

Marriage is very important so that we will not run into the snares of all the kinds of problems in life by marrying the wrong person.”

The clergywoman also touched on the need for women to be submissive in marriage

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”Obey the law of God in marriage. There is always a law attached to everything. You work hard, you get rich and you are able to stand before the kings because you are diligent.

For you to have a good home as a woman, you have to obey the law of the Lord and to obey is better than sacrifice (1 Peter 3:1, Ephesians 5:22).

All these passages are talking about how a woman should behave in the home. But today, civilization is turning everything round but the Word of God is settled forever.

When God says obey, when God says submit, be in union with your husband; He knows that, that is where we can have a peaceful life.

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But many of us today, because we are not in submission, you want to be equal with your husband in the house, you will even want to be his boss, then you turn things around, then situation will turn around for you too”she said

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