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Sylvester Oromoni’s Death: Singer, Simi’s Mum Dishes Out Some Valuable Advice That Will Proof Useful For All Parents

Sylvester Oromoni’s Death: Singer, Simi’s Mum Dishes Out Some Valuable Advice That Will Proof Useful For All Parents

Mother of popular Nigerian singer, Simi, has shared some words of advice with parents asking them to have a good relationship with their kids and be mindful of what they do around them.

Mrs Jedidah Akinsola gave this advice in an apparent reaction to the tragic death of a 12-year-old boy of Dowen college, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, who was allegedly beaten and tortured to death by his seniors for not joining their cult.

In a series of tweets, she advised that parents should build a good relationship with their kids so that they can easily speak up when being molested or abused.

Mrs Akinsanya also urged parents and guardians to stop being cruel to their domestic staff so that their children would not pick up negative habits. However, she also advised parents to treat their employees with love and respect as their children learn by example.

Simi’s mother also used the opportunity to blast Nigerian parents who are too possessive of their children, refusing to allow them accept criticism from other adults.

Below is her full tweet…

“Too many sad stories of children maltreated by teachers & fellow students. Why are people so wicked to children? Some adults are still doing same to their housemaids & staff. Please, change your ways & stop being wicked. Those of you who did it in the past should ask for mercy.

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Some students learn wickedness from home from the way their parents treat their domestic staff. They see their parents treat their staff less than human & these kids took this mentality to school to deal with those younger or weaker than them. Parents, please show good example.

Parents, have a good relationship with your children so they can quickly speak up when they are being molested by a teacher or fellow students. Find time to ask them questions that will make them open up. Attend their Parents/Teachers meeting and be observant.

When your child complains please listen. I removed my daughter from FGGC & she became a day student when I realised she didn’t like it. What works for one child might not work for another. Stop using other people’s children to determine what is okay for your own children. Listen.

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Parents, pls don’t stop going to your children’s schools when they enter university. Our kids now go to Uni at a young age so we still need to be up & doing. Check on them, encourage them & advice them & check out their friends. Trust them into the hands of God but do your part.”

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