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Court Declares Actress, Ronke Odusanya’s ‘Baby Daddy’ ‘Wanted’ Amidst Messy Paternity Scandal

Court Declares Actress, Ronke Odusanya’s ‘Baby Daddy’ ‘Wanted’ Amidst Messy Paternity Scandal

Nollywood actress, Ronke Odusanya‘s baby daddy, Olanrewaju Saheed, popularly known as Jago has been declared wanted by a Lagos court.

A Magistrates Court in Lagos State declared Jago wanted for repeatedly being absent during proceedings amid a messy paternity scandal.

This was disclosed in a report by Goldmyne TV alongside the court order declaring the actress’ baby daddy wanted.

Jago had on 10th of February, 2021, through his lawyer, requested a DNA test on their daughter to determine her paternity, on the grounds of suspicion of infidelity.

The actress and her lawyer agreed to the request on the condition that the DNA fees and other bills be footed by Jago. The actress’ lawyer also pleaded with the court to ensure it is a court-supervised DNA test.

However, Jago’s continuous absence is said to have stalled the case leading to a bench warrant which was first issued on October 13, 2021.

The actress’ baby daddy who reportedly ignored the bench warrant on numerous occasions, has now been declared wanted. The estranged lovers welcomed their daughter in August 2019.

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Below is a copy of the court order…

In December 2020, both parties were enmeshed in a messy separation scandal that was broken by a popular Instagram gossip blog.

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Among other things, the blog alleged that the famous actress ‘‘ruined the father of her child, financially by making him sell off his assets to fulfill her luxurious desires.”

Responding to the allegations, the movie star said in a post on her Instagram page that the rumours were untrue but she had chosen to remain calm as the truth would eventually reveal itself.

“While my silence will be taken for cowardice, I will be calm because the truth always reveals itself. I can defend myself but I won’t want my daughter to grow up reading such irritating and fact-less information. The court of social media has always been myopic and manipulative.

“Remember you did not make me, you cannot break me. Bank statements can reveal who has been receiving money from who and for what. Investigate before publishing. For the platform used for peddling such absurdity, seeds sown will surely germinate,”

the mother of one said at the time.

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