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‘It Won’t Make You A Man’ -Reno Omokri Speaks Candidly To Randy Men

‘It Won’t Make You A Man’ -Reno Omokri Speaks Candidly To Randy Men

Social media commentator, Reno Omokri has schooled Nigerian men who think having carnal knowledge of multiple women will make them ‘great’.

According to Reno, a man who keeps too many women in his live will be led astray by them. The former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, in his latest post on social media, stated what makes a man great is success, not excess carnality.

The married dad of three further enlightened the men, using the story of King Solomon, who God gave wisdom and wealth, but had many women to himself. In a clear language, Omokri stated that too many women led the monarch astray.

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His full post below…

“Dear men,

What is hard in wooing a woman and having carnal knowledge of her? Nothing. Even animals do it. Goats and dogs are more expert at it than you.

You are not the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). So stop thinking it makes you a man. Prove your manhood through excess of success, not excess of carnality! The next thing you will bring up Solomon.

God gave Solomon wisdom and wealth. God did not give Solomon women. Solomon gave himself women. And when he did, they led him astray, to the point where he admitted that “I hated life”-Ecclesiastes 2:17.

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Too many women led his father astray. Too many women led him astray. And too many women will lead you astray!”

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