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Actress, Kiitan Bukola Warns Women Of What Would Become Of Them If They Are Not Submissive To Their Partners In Their Youth

Actress, Kiitan Bukola Warns Women Of What Would Become Of Them If They Are Not Submissive To Their Partners In Their Youth

Popular Yoruba actress, Kiitan Bukola has enjoined fellow women to be respectful and submissive to their male partners.

She went further to warn of the repercussion in the future for women who do not respect their male partners.

According to her, men are natural leaders, but social media creates the false, fictitious reality that both genders have equal rights while, in reality, men are in charge.

She noted that a woman’s beauty fades with age by age 50, and when this happens, it’s almost impossible to find a man, but a 50-year-old man can get married to a young, beautiful lady if he so decides.

Kiitan went on to say that women who didn’t submit to their partners in their youth will be punished for it at that time when the men can “conveniently marry a sweet 16/18.”

Read her full post below.

“Dear ladies whether we like it or not…a man is the head of the family.. Let us normalize being submissive and respectful.

U see this S.M ehn, it will make u think we have equal right with them, but in actual sense. Na them be d boss oo. No matter how beautiful, hot, sexy u are.

When u reach 50 yrs max. U go retire, beauty go fade, but a man at 50 years can conveniently marry a sweet 16/18 yrs old girl. If u use their eyes see shege now…

Remember a time will come when market go finish inside ur shop oo table don turn be dat.. especially if they com get money.”

Kiitan’s post, however, offended a number of women, who flocked to the comments to chastise her.

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See some comments below…

@Yejide wrote:

Some women are as dumb as donkey, I love submission I am a woman I understand there is even more strength in submission than in arrogance, but to say the men will punish the women at 50 by marrying another woman, this must be a joke of the year, my dear at 50 most women don’t even need husband those that have married before, all they want is fuck boys, make money and enjoy their life, so if you believe that a 50 year old divorced woman is pained because you left her for a younger girl you are incomplete, me I don’t even want a man that another woman has steadily suck dry after 20 or 25 years you want to bring your old rickety self to me , Biko we are not all Regina Daniel, not everyone wants an old sucked dry man.

@Babygirl added:

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Indeed…where is my father and his sweet sixteen he ended up with now? She squandered his money, refuses to take care of him in his sickness while building stores, abandons him, sleeping with younger men that don’t need viagra. While my mom is looking younger, at peace having age appropriate suitors but has refused to remarry and has the love of her kids. Yes women suffer early but will always have d last laugh when the man has expired…n should have grown old with the wife of his youth. It’s a blessing. Both man and wife should be kind to each other cos nobody wins in d end.

@Sammie commented: 

You sound quite stupid! Life is in phases, in youthful times, you forget that you grow older and your priorities change to include stability and security. Things such as family and children etc forget that security. If you disregard it, it is at your peril.

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@Anonymous wrote: 

It appears some women believe that their self worth is when they are with a man. She carefully admonished women to stay submissive and respectful but doesn’t think that the way a man treats her woman also determines how respectful and submissive the woman will be. It takes a loving man to make a submissive wife. Scriptures cannot be broken. By the way, some submissive women have lost their husbands to other women. Don’t make it look like men threaten women with other women, a lot of men still have values. Your reason for submission and respect is so your man doesn’t go after others, you need to wake up from your slumber! I don’t believe you are married, you don’t even have marriage experience, no wonder the disconnection with reality.

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