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Celebrity Mum, Angela Okorie Explains Why She Keeps Her Relationship Off Social Media

Celebrity Mum, Angela Okorie Explains Why She Keeps Her Relationship Off Social Media

One of Nollywood’s talented actresses, Angela Okorie has explained why she keeps her relationships private.

According to the 46-year-old movie star and mother-of-one, she prefers to keep her relationship private because she doesn’t want the unsolicited opinions of third parties.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said,

“Many entertainers, including me, don’t want their relationships out there. I am a very private person and I believe that once the relationship is on social media, it will break.

“That is why many entertainers have ‘social media in-laws’ who tell them what to do in their relationships or marriages.

“I advise people to only go into relationships with people they are comfortable with. It is better to study the person very well (before making a commitment).”

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Okorie, had earlier said one of the most important lessons stardom has taught her is to mind her business. She revealed this in another recent interview,

“I no longer live my normal life as a celebrity. I can no longer go on the streets to get whatever I want or do whatever I want to do. Fame has changed a lot of things about me. It has also helped me to stay on my own and mind my business.”

Okorie also maintained that she does not give room for trolls to disturb her. In her words,

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“Whenever trolls pick on me, I pick on them back. Anything I do not want, I just handle it; and anything I do not want around me, I move it away from me.”

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Speaking on her current projects, the singer said,

“I have been focused on my career. I am about to release a song soon and I will be featuring a Ghanaian artiste. For the past three years, I had opportunities to feature in many movies but I wanted to concentrate on my music career because a lot of people don’t know that I sing.

“I started my career as a model. From there, I switched to acting, then music. I have lots of talents and some people don’t have that. As an entertainer, my biggest achievement is getting to this point of my career. I am doing well where I am now and that is all that matters.”

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