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Uchenna Nnanna Shares The Secrets Of Her Happy Marriage And Why Her Husband Will Never Cheat On Her

Uchenna Nnanna Shares The Secrets Of Her Happy Marriage And Why Her Husband Will Never Cheat On Her

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Uchenna Nnanna -Maduka, has revealed the secrets of her marriage and why her husband will never cheat on her.

The Happily married mother of two, in a recent interview, her husband has never cheated on her and he will never cheat on her.

According to the Abia State-born entertainer, God has been at the center of her home running it for her and her partner. She went on to reveal that another key that has been keeping her marriage going on is Trust.

In her words:

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s God that’s running it my marriage for me. God and Trust. My partner trusting me is what keeps me going. When you talk about marriage, the key word is trust. If the partners involved don’t have trust in each other, that’s where the problem starts. But when you trust your partner, like I am out here this night and my husband is not here, but he trusts me 100 per cent.

He knows where I am; he knows what I’m doing at every giving point. So, it’s all about trust. I do what I need to do as a woman and a mother, but when it comes to safeguarding the marriage, na God dey run am. I can’t even think of or imagine my husband cheating.

I don’t imagine such a thing. It’s not happening. I’m sorry my husband doesn’t cheat; he cannot cheat. One thing we should know is that sex doesn’t keep a man or marriage. You no go tire? What keeps marriage is make sure you’re bringing something to the table.

You should be a good adviser, a good planner, and a good spender. Don’t lavish the little your husband is bringing. And apart from that, God is the only one who keeps marriage.”

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On what she has to say to her colleagues who are always anxious about their husbands cheating on them, she said,

“I’m a marriage counselor; I’m a relationship counselor. In such situations, you allow that person to decide what they want to do. The way I might take it isn’t the way you’ll take it.

So, I’ll always tell you to think about it, don’t be in a hurry to make any decision, weigh the two options of leaving your marriage or staying. It’s not about what the society wants you to do; it’s about what is convenient for you.”

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The movie star also revealed how she handles some stubborn male fans who want something more than friendship.

She said,

“Yeah, once in a while it comes up. For instance, one guy came to my DM and said ‘hi beautiful lady’. I said ‘sorry, do you know you’re talking to someone’s wife?’ And the guy immediately said ‘oh sorry, I didn’t know’. I said ‘okay, your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more’. If they are stubborn, you block them, nothing else.

The other day, someone ran into me at the airport wearing a facemask and wanted to get my number. I said ‘sorry, I’m a married woman’, and the guy withdrew. But there was a crazy one I met one day. I was driving, he was also driving; we were in traffic and he was trying to smile at me, and I smiled back.

I thought he’s a fan, but by the time he brought out his phone and said ‘your number’, I now told him I’m a married woman. Do you know what the stupid man said? He said, ‘I’m a married man too’. Can you imagine?”


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