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Learn As The Adelasoyes Share Their Experiences On What It Takes To Stay In Marriage For 43 Years And Counting!

Learn As The Adelasoyes Share Their Experiences On What It Takes To Stay In Marriage For 43 Years And Counting!

Dr. Misbaudeen Oladepo Adelasoye, a medical doctor and retired permanent secretary in the Osun State civil service, has been married to Alhaja Silifat, a banker for 43 years.

In a chat with DailySun, in Osogbo, the couple share their marital journey and what it takes to stay in a marriage that long.

They also shared tips with newly married couples, bachelors and spinsters intending to go into marriage on what it takes to keep a home.

What do you think of marriage?

Dr Misbaudeen:  Marriage is a university you cannot graduate from. But if you base it on a good foundation, with trust and endurance, you will enjoy it.

Alhaja Silifat: Ladies must be mature before getting married. They should have a very good job and be patient with their husband and their relatives. They must be prayerful. They must not allow a third party to come into their home.

How did the journey into your own marriage start? 

Dr Misbaudeen: It started in 1968. I had been eyeing her from a distance. So, I told one of my sisters who is her friend to find a way of connecting us. She invited her to the birthday of my elder sister.

During the birthday party held in an uncompleted building owned by my brother, I excused her outside after my sister had informed her that I wanted to see her. I proposed to her. But she didn’t give me an answer.

Doctor said you didn’t give him any answer. Why?

Alhaja Silifat: That time, my mind was in school. I didn’t have time for boys. I wanted to go to school. I just said later. 

What eventually attracted you to accept his proposal?

Alhaja Silifat: When you see a serious man, and you study his way of living, his character and other good qualities, you will consider him. 

What attracted you to choose her?

Dr Misbaudeen: I was in my final year in secondary school then. Each time I passed by their house to board the vehicle to my school, I used to see her. Whenever I visited my sister during festivals, I always saw her. I said this is a fair-in-complexion lady, soft-talking, easy-going and gentle. Very attractive! That is what attracted me.

Did anyone oppose the marriage from your family?


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