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Heart-breaking Story Of How A Mum-Of-3 Lost Her Life While Chasing Her Husband And His Alleged Side Chic In Calabar

Heart-breaking Story Of How A Mum-Of-3 Lost Her Life While Chasing Her Husband And His Alleged Side Chic In Calabar

Two days ago, the news of a woman who reportedly died in an auto crash in Calabar, Cross River State while chasing her husband went viral.

According to unconfirmed reports as at the time, the woman saw her husband with another woman, supposedly his ‘side chic’, at a shopping mall.

Speaking on the matter, an eye witness, Stephen Okposin said the accident happened along the Murtala Mohammed Highway on Sunday, September 18, 2022. He narrated:

“The lady saw her hubby at Spar shop with another woman in the car, so she hurriedly drove to double cross them. This man saw her car and zoomed off, so the woman became aggressive and sped up.

“I was just driving behind them, just in less than 3 minutes I saw her involved in the accident and she’s unconscious at the point of death. The hubby that was running suddenly dropped off the lady who was with him and rushed down to assist revive her from the car. She’s been rushed to the hospital. We pray she survives it.”

The witness initially said the woman was unconscious but in an update, he confirmed she has passed away.

In a new development, the deceased, who has been identified as Claret Opara Bassey, and her husband, Mr. Sunday Bassey have been married for over 10 years, with three kids.

According to The Nation, Claret reportedly got a call from one of her friends that her husband was sighted in a shopping mall with the alleged side chic.

She was said to have immediately driven to the mall in one of their cars.

Getting there, she saw her husband about to leave the premises of the shopping mall and inside his car was the alleged side chic identified as Laticia.

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Upon sighting the wife, he hurriedly drove off with Laticia in the front seat. Mrs Bassey went after her husband’s car and the more he accelerated, the more the wife tried to catch up with the car until they got to the highway.

The husband was said to have decided to veer off from the highway to adjoining streets of the State Housing estate, forcing the wife to make a U-turn.

She then lost control of the car and rammed into a tree, leaving her seriously injured and the car badly damaged.

Eyewitnesses said immediately he saw from the back mirror that the wife was involved in an accident, the husband made a U-turn.

The alleged side chic dropped off and fled the scene while the husband rallied to rescue his wife, the publication reports.

Alleged side chic

The tearful husband was said to have apologised to his wife who was in the pool of her blood. The eyewitness said:

“He was apologetic before the dying wife and pleaded that she should not die. He rushed the wife to Navy hospital in Calabar where she was reportedly confirmed dead.”

Friends of the couple said they started dating during their university days.

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One of the deceased’s friend named Queenofhearts Oyoyo wrote on the deceased’s Facebook page:

“My friend is gone, Barr. Claret Bassey; you were intimidated, subdued and abused until you gave up. I told you to focus on yourself and your kids. What happened that you didn’t call any of your bone friends as usual? I am broken to pieces.”

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Another friend shared on Facebook:

Reacting to the post above, a Facebook user wrote:


If you walk into your bedroom and find your wife in bed with a man, what will you do? If you walk home and find your husband and his lover naked in bed, what will you do?

If your wife tells you she is traveling out of town to see her mom, but you find out that she is in a hotel in your city with a lover and you see her in her car with the lover, what will you do? But what if it is the wife that caught her husband?

Knowing the Nigerian society, you (men and women) will tell the man to do something drastic to the wife and her lover. At least, you will tell him to divorce the woman.

Many of you go as far as taking the woman for cleansing and purification in your village shrine. But when it is a woman that caught her husband, the same you will blame her for looking in the wrong direction that caused her to see her husband.

You will blame her for coming home at the wrong time which made it possible for her to catch the husband. But listen: when you engage in an extreme conduct, you drive your spouse to the edge of insanity. You must share in the responsibility for what happens.

Mrs. Bassey was driven the edge of madness. She was inflamed by so many lies and acts of of infidelity by her husband. This time, she wanted to hold him red-handed so he would not later deny that he was the one in his car.

Unfortunately, she died. The man that led his wife on such a dangerous chase is as responsible as the wife that went on hot pursuit. He should have considered that there could be an accident.

Blaming the poor woman without condemning her husband is the second killing of the woman. Let’s see if Mr. Bassey will now marry Leticia, since he finally got rid of the obstacle in their way.”

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