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Singer Oritsefemi’s Wife, Nabila Fash Files For Divorce Over His Incessant Cheating And Many More

Singer Oritsefemi’s Wife, Nabila Fash Files For Divorce Over His Incessant Cheating And Many More

Nabila Fash, the wife of popular Nigerian singer Oritsefemi, has disclosed that their marriage has packed up and that she has filed for divorce.

Nabila revealed this in an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze on Thursday, accusing her husband of incessant cheating.

Recall that the couple’s marriage has been mired with allegations of cheating recently with the singer having refuted the claims in the past.

Nabila, in the recent interview, said the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he fathered a child while they were still married and trying to have their own child.

The PR guru disclosed that Oritsefemi had two daughters from two different women before they met and that she took the girls as her own daughters.

She added that the singer had gotten another lady pregnant while they were dating, and while they got married, he welcomed another daughter with the same woman.

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Speaking further, Nabila mentioned that the singer was physical with her twice but that she mostly suffered emotional and verbal abuse from him.

According to her, her marriage with the singer affected her mentally and emotionally as it changed her personality.

Nabila said she had to deal with Oritsefemi constantly cheating with different women. She mentioned that several women even reached out to her to inform her that he was hitting on them and even sent receipts.

She said she was mentally distraught to the extent she even created a group where she invited all the women he was cheating with and had them meet themselves.

While some were shocked, others said they did not know he was married. She mentioned that after a while she became numb to his cheating.

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“My marriage to him was very sacred in the beginning but I became someone else at some point, I was even out of order because when you get to a certain pain you can’t even control yourself anymore.

He has two kids before I married him, there was one on the way when we were about to get married. It became important for my sanity for my mental health to take a decision, a decision that wasn’t easy, a decision that made me to be here today,”

she partly said in the interview.

Oritsefemi, however, is said to have refused to sign the divorce letters with hopes of reconciling with his wife.


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