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‘Co-parenting In Peace Is A Lie’ – Dancer, Korra Obidi Laments Over Her Ex-Husband’s Recent Moves To Frustrate Her

‘Co-parenting In Peace Is A Lie’ – Dancer, Korra Obidi Laments Over Her Ex-Husband’s Recent Moves To Frustrate Her

Popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has shared her thoughts on co-parenting and according to the single mother of two, co-parenting in peace is a lie.

The entertainer made the disclosure in a new video posted on social media as she lamented over the recent moves he’s made to frustrate her.

In the video, Korra stated that her estranged husband, Justin Dean, is asking her for spousal support. Asides that, Korra disclosed that Dean also approached the court and asked that they immediately take away her kids from her.

She added that the judge however denied his application and approved the kids continued stay with their mother.

According to the celebrity dancer, she has spent 1800 dollars on health insurance and school fees for her two children, yet he has not supported her with one dime, only for him to now be demanding for spousal support.

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In her words;

“Now he’s asking for spousal support, I was gonna not talk about this anymore but this is not ending, the more I don’t want to grovel.

You guys are going through divorce with me, I’ve been paying 1800 on school fees and health insurance for my daughters, since February this man has not contributed one dollar.

Just for me to get something from my attorney today telling me that he is asking for spousal support and he is asking for my children to be immediately taken away from me.

Co-parenting in peace is a lie, this is not what co-parenting in peace looks like. I’m thankful the judge and people are seeing through all of this ruse. I think it’s time to sue for defamation.”

Meanwhile she earlier said that she would never go back to her ex-husband even for a mouthwatering amount.

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Korra said this while dismissing assertions in some quarters that the divorce is having a negative impact on her.

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The controversial US-based dancer went on to advise women in toxic relationship to leave immediately and learn to love themselves.

In her words; 

“First and foremost even if you use $20,000 to dash me to go back, e no go happen. I said what I said. Some of you trying to make it seem as if no oo, I’m now dead, am I dead? Do you think I want to go back to abuse.

If you try to paint that nonsense image of oh my God look, look at how she’s suffering now, she’s crying, let me tell you for free now I korra Obidi… I’m not suffering. Divorce is not easy but I’m not suffering.”

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