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Comedian Seyi Law Fumes As He Gives His Opinion On Cheating Wives Brouhaha

Comedian Seyi Law Fumes As He Gives His Opinion On Cheating Wives Brouhaha

Stand up Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law has given his own opinion on the ongoing cheating wife brouhaha.

The comedian wonders why divorced women who claim to be victims of cheating spouses always end up with being lovers of the said ‘married men’.

In a Twitter post, the dad-of-one who once played a divorce prank on his wife, drops his two cents on why he believes women engage in such immorality.

According to him, such behaviour does not stem from vengeance but such women only exhibit who they truly are, adding that it is never an act of revenge as claimed, rather it is a reflection of what the woman was all along.

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His full post reads:

“How do women claim to leave their marriage because the man cheated, only to be sleeping with a married man or how are you in a marriage and you claim your husband is cheating and you revenge by cheating with a married man or someone who is engaged. I don’t think it is revenge driving you. You’re just exhibiting who you have always been.”

Some days ago, a pregnant woman was caught red-handed in bed with a man she claims is her Pastor, by her husband.

The pregnant woman identified simply as Martha, and her pastor were caught red-handed while having sex on her matrimonial bed. They were surrounded by fetish items.

In a video shared online, Martha’s husband was heard telling them not to move as he confronted them. While the woman tried begging her husband, the pastor immediately wore a short to cover up his nakedness.

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