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Actress, Ferrari Okoro Talks Motherhood, Labour Room Experience

Actress, Ferrari Okoro Talks Motherhood, Labour Room Experience

US based actress, Ferrari Anthonia Okoro, became a mother some months ago and in a recent chat with PUNCH, the new mom said that motherhood has changed everything about her.

Reminiscing on her motherhood journey, the role interpreter said

“Motherhood has changed everything about me. Motherhood changes one right from when one sets eyes on one’s child. Before one does anything, one has to think about one’s child. It makes one a better version of oneself.”

Asked if she would want to change anything about herself, she said,

“If I say I want to change anything about myself, it means I am saying what God has done for me is a mistake.

But, God never makes a mistake. I wish my parents were still here though. I wish I was not an orphan, but God knows best. The Bible says even a leaf cannot fall from a tree without God knowing about it. To the glory of God, I won’t change anything about me.”

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The Nollywood star was widely celebrated on August 26, 2022 for having delivered a new born baby. It was a huge surprise to many in the industry as no one saw it coming because the actress/producer never shared images of her baby bump.

Speaking to Potpourri after the birth of the baby was made public, Ferrari shared her birth experience. She said she was in the labour room for four days.

Ferrari who was full of praises to God and all mothers who have had to go through labour of childbirth, added that she almost died in the process.

She narrated:

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“I was sick from the very first day I got pregnant. Most part of last year I was sick. Although I was posting pictures most people didn’t know what I was going through. It was crazy that I was in labour for four days. The pains were such I never saw or felt.

In fact at one point I felt I would die. I was supposed to have a normal delivery but at the last minute they detected there were issues with some organs in my system and I had to do a C-section.

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It was by the Grace of God I’m alive and the baby is sound and healthy. Believe me, it was God. What scares me is that even with epidural and all these pains stuff I could still bear the pains. You can’t understand only mothers would appreciate.”


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