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‘My Parents Threw Me Away At Birth’ -Toyin Abraham On The Strange Circumstances That Surrounded Her Birth, Spiritual Gifts And More…

‘My Parents Threw Me Away At Birth’ -Toyin Abraham On The Strange Circumstances That Surrounded Her Birth, Spiritual Gifts And More…

Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham -Ajeyemi, has opened up on the strange circumstances that surrounded her birth 40 years ago.

The mother of one, in a recent interview with This Day, recounted how her mother gave birth to her as a stillborn and disposed her remains in the hospital.

However, a clergyman from Ibadan, who came to visit her mother in the health facility, requested to see the baby (her), prayed for her and “brought her back to life”.

The thespian said she also didn’t cry until the day of her naming ceremony, and that she cried for the first time after she was christened ‘Oluwatoyin’.

She narrated:

“Since birth, I have been spiritual. My parents told me that I was stillborn so they had to throw me away. Then there was a clergyman from Ibadan who came to the hospital, asked about me and I was brought back to life. I was told that I never cried or did anything until the day of my naming ceremony.

It was the moment they named me Oluwatoyin that I started crying as a baby. Again, when they wanted to shave off my locks they had to tell me it was the Holy Spirit because I didn’t want them to do it.

I decided to have a small circle because there was too much noise in my head. There is always noise around me, both positive and negative. I am not a careful person. My heart is so free. I am someone you can trust with anything. You can do whatever you want to do in my presence.”

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Toyin also spoke about her spiritual during the exclusive interview. The movie producer revealed that she has always been a very spiritual person and it often affected her when she did not pay attention to that side of her.

According to her, she would still follow her flesh despite hearing from the Lord and seeing it in her dreams. However, things started to work out since she started paying attention to her spirituality.

The 40-year-old movie star said,

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“I’m extremely spiritual. One of the problems I had back then was that I didn’t listen to myself. I would hear the voice of the Lord, and I would see it in my dreams, but I would still want to follow my flesh.

But ever since I started following the lead of the Holy Spirit, things have drastically changed for me and I’m extremely happy about it. I’m actually dada – those people that naturally have dreadlocks from birth.”

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Toyin said that many believed she will become a pastor due to her spirituality and even attended Bible School to prepare her for that path but all that changed when she met veteran actress, Bukky Wright, and starred in her first movie in 2003.

Toyin was recently named the top-grossing female actor for the year 2022. The list which was compiled by FilmOne Entertainment showed Toyin alongside her colleagues who were among the highest-grossing for the stated year.

Interestingly, Toyin bagged the top spot, beating Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele, Toni Tones and more.

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