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‘I Remain Unshaken Despite My Husband’s Numerous Girlfriends And 2nd Wife’ – Queen Sekinat Shares On Her Marriage To Oba Saheed Elegushi

‘I Remain Unshaken Despite My Husband’s Numerous Girlfriends And 2nd Wife’ – Queen Sekinat Shares On Her Marriage To Oba Saheed Elegushi

Olori Sekinat Elegushi, the first wife of Elegushi of Ikate land, Oba Saheed Elegushi has opened up on her marriage to him.

The mother-of three stated in a recent interview with BBC Yoruba while speaking on the dynamics of their marriage that she is unperturbed by her husband’s philandering ways.

While speaking on cheating in marriage, Olori Sekinat concurred that there is no man that doesn’t cheat. Justifying her husband’s philandering ways, she reaffirmed that all men cheat and as such, doesn’t see it as a deal breaker in her marriage.

The wife of the monarch admitted that her husband has numerous girlfriends, but she is unbothered by this because she knows she is number one. According to her, her husband puts her first and she remains unshaken because she knows her position as his wife.

She added that even when he took a second wife, she wasn’t moved because she remains the first and no one can take her place.

Olori Sekinat, who spoke in Yoruba language, said in translation,

“There is no man that doesn’t cheat. All men cheat. Even though my hubby has girlfriends, he loves and respects me and put me first. No woman can shake me because I know my position as his wife. Even when he got a second wife, I wasn’t moved. I remain the first. No one can take my place.”

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Olori Sekinat seems to be contradicting herself, as months back, she opened up on how her husband’s second marriage broke her.

The Queen recounted how her husband’s decision to pick a second wife, Hadiza Yakasai, in May 2019, broke her emotionally.

In an interview with Kemi Ashefon, the queen said the news of a second wife came around when her mother died. Yet, she said she still had to deal with the fact that the man she loved was marrying another woman.

In her words:

“I didn’t marry a king, I married a young man, who I love, and we were growing together managing and planning. It was hard then, but I realized that some of these things come with the demands and pressure of the throne.

“Why then continue to worry about it? The moment he became a king, I knew issues like this would come up, but I have to support and stand by him.”

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Olori Sekinat admitted that when her husband was nominated for the throne, she feared he would take a second wife. She added:

“Part of my fear was that he would take another wife. Then, I was pregnant with our third child. When he was crowned, I returned from abroad early with the baby to be with him for the coronation and other rites.

“Initially, it was a bit challenging as there were many demands, which I wasn’t used to, but since I was familiar with some of the palace procedures and the people there, we were able to settle down.”

Olori Sekinat noted that she met the king, while a student, at her late mum’s shop on Lagos Island, adding that he did not tell her he was from a royal home at first.

Oba Elegushi married Sekinat in 2003, and they have three daughters.

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