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Tonto Dikeh’s Ex-Husband, Olakunle Churchill Threatens Her With A Lawsuit, Seeks Apology Within 24Hrs

Tonto Dikeh’s Ex-Husband, Olakunle Churchill Threatens Her With A Lawsuit, Seeks Apology Within 24Hrs

Businessman and ex-husband of popular Nigerian star, Tonto Dikeh has threatened to sue the actress for what he considers slanderous remarks against him.

Olakunle Churchill‘s lawyers sent a Cease and Desist letter to his ex-wife demanding that she retracts all the ‘false statements’ she has made against him and his wife, Rosy Meuerer, on social media and apologize within 24 hours, otherwise they will invoke the full and compelling force of the law against her.

Recall that Tonto Dikeh in a post on her Instagram account accused Churchill of neglecting their child causing the duo to exchange words and receipts to support their claims.

The actress, who revealed that her ex-husband and his family members constantly claimed in court that they won the child custody battle, lambasted them for doing little to care for the little boy called King Adrea.

According to Tonto, Churchill had only paid for four months of child support and had never paid for King Adrea’s school tuition since their divorce. Tonto in another post open a new can of worms about her ex-husband.

Reacting to the numerous allegations in the letter dated February 21, Churchill’s counsel, West Africa Solicitors, claimed Tonto has over time published falsehoods against Churchill and Rosy on her Instagram page.

In the three-page letter, the lawyers stated that Tonto has ’deceitfully labeled” their client as a ‘’blackmailer, a fraudster, thief, irresponsible father, and a violent person’ without giving any evidence to back up the claim.

The lawyers said that Tonto has repeatedly ‘’lied” that Churchill blackmailed her into paying for their wedding when she knows that ‘’there was never a wedding.”

According to the lawyers, Tonto’s claim that she spent N7 million for their wedding is false as the only event that took place was a parlor event in which Tonto’s dowry was paid and the ceremony was attended by just four persons.

The lawyers also stated that Tonto peddled a false claim that she was friends with actress Rosy, Churchill’s current wife, and accused her of snatching him.  They said Tonto’s claim has brought disrepute to Rosy, as she put it out there just to ‘gain public pity and cheap popularity.’

They argued that Rosy was never Tonto’s friend and was never acquainted with her in any way prior to her wedding to Churchill. They also stated that Tonto has no proof to back up her claim that she and Rosy were friends.

The lawyers also pointed out that Tonto has repeatedly labeled their client, Churchill, a fraudster, which they say is absolutely false.

They further stated that Tonto has made claims that Churchill physically assaulted her during their marriage but has no proof to back up her claim. They also described as completely false, Tonto’s claim that Churchill is irresponsible with regard to their son’s upkeep.

The lawyers said these allegations have caused Churchill public humiliation and are demanding Tonto retracts them and tenders an apology within 24 hours, otherwise they will not hesitate to invoke the law against her.

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