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These Are the Sort of Women That Can Kill, According to Reno Omikri

These Are the Sort of Women That Can Kill, According to Reno Omikri

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide and father of three, is a man that is opinionated about a lot of issues especially when it concerns the female gender.

We have heard him address issues ranging from a woman’s virginity to her dressing and this time he is touching on a rather interesting topic.

Omikri is of the opinion that any woman who offers herself to a married man has the capacity to kill. And if she takes such a step, knowing fully well he is a married man, then she represents a dangerous figure that can kill humans.

He took to his Twitter page to render his thoughts on women who agree to be with married men, but what is striking is that in all of these, he never advised the married men folk who engage in extramarital affairs.

Read his series of tweets;

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“Men A woman who willingly offers herself to you knowing fully well you are married is a woman that has the capacity to kill #RenosNuggets.”

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In a situation where the married man enticed the lady, what should we then call such a man? A man that disregards his wedding vows and puts his wife in harm’s way should be called worse by Omikri, maybe.

In my opinion, the both parties lack discipline.

The preacher had more to say from his vast knowledge of women:

“Men The most talkative women don’t speak much. Women that know how to talk with their eyes are more talkative. Beware of them #RenosNuggets.

Never marry a wife that you will ‘manage’ just because you are poor. If you do, you’ll abandon her when you’re no longer poor #RenosNuggets.

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Men, A woman who can abort her own unborn baby already has experience in murder. If she can abort her own child, who are you? #RenosNuggets.”

See photo below:

Extramarital affairs have caused a lot of damage to marriages and should really be discouraged, but married man who cheat should also be held accountable for their bad judgements. Your thoughts?

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