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6 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

6 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to picking out the right baby registry, many parents make a lot of mistakes, that cost them thousands of Naira in the long run.

Yes, a human being so tiny as a baby needs a lot of things, especially if you are a first time mum. However, parents also forget that this tiny pound of flesh will grow at a very fast rate, so sometimes, most of the things you buy, you end up not using and having to give away. While not shaming the spirit of giving, this article will help guide you on some registry mistakes you will want to avoid.

1. Don’t always follow those baby registry checklists online

A lot of parents go online to find the must-haves for her baby’s room. Instead of these “lists” being helpful, they can drive parents into panic buying. A lot of them are very unrealistic, why will your 3 week old son, need a pair of shoes?. Furthermore, they do not consider the financial level of every family before they make their lists into a holy grail.

2. Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy

Everything changes over time, but what you will need to take care of your infant stays about the same. If you can afford it, go right ahead but, your infant does not need bed spreads made out of fur, or a fancy rocker that sings lullabies from the 1800’s. Learning to keep things simple and withing budget will help you as the months proceed.

3. Don’t only buy teeny-tiny clothing

Many mums buy a lot of size 1 clothing’s, most of the time they will get plenty of clothing, way more than baby could wear. They either end up giving it away, or saving for baby number 2. If you do register for some cute clothes, go for bigger sizes that your baby can grow into.

4. Don’t get a fancy changing table

Skip a fancy diaper changing table, it’ll only be useful for a short period of time. That big fancy changing station will not be very accessible too when your little peanut starts running on you mid-diapering, the safest place to change them will be anywhere in the house you find them.

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5. Don’t go low on the diaper bag

This bag will replace your purse, your gym bag, your everything, for the first year of your baby’s life. It’s going to hold all of baby’s things when you’re out and about, and so you want to make sure it’s stylish and comfortable to carry. Invest in a good one, even if it means extra cash.

6. Don’t neglect your boobs

Mama needs a little love too. If you’re breastfeeding, your girls will need some extra pampering for the mean time. Try to invest in a good pump along with good cream, reusable cotton pads, nursing bras and camisoles. This way, you’ll have what you need to begin the very important bonding process .

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