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There’s So Much About To Learn About First Poop After Childbirth, Thanks To Nigerian Women On Twitter

There’s So Much About To Learn About First Poop After Childbirth, Thanks To Nigerian Women On Twitter

Your first postpartum poop: Many mums, often find themselves in this confusing loop, you want to poop, but you’re too worried you’d put extra pressure on your pelvic muscles, or worse if you had tear, (no matter how little) you’re instinctively just going to want to hold that poop in.

There isn’t much you can do to prevent it from happening, you’re going to have your baby and you’re going to have to poop. Nigerian women on twitter shared different experiences with childbirth.

A Twitter user, @idomagirl, shared that she’d just discovered pooping after childbirth was extremely painful, and so many have come to share their experiences.

There are some suggestions about how women can make their first poop after childbirth easier though. Like taking a lot of water. Taking stool softeners. And remembering that fibre is your friend.

The experiences are, well, we guess intimidating is the word. Women really are strong people.

See the replies for yourself:

Dulcolax to the rescue. I still have a few tablets sef. It was painful, especially as I was nursing a bad CS wound that basically refused to heal, but it could have been way worse.


I was advised to have an enema at the onset of labor so before I could build up any solid poop, I wasn’t so sore anymore.

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Ada Akunne aka Lifelong Coven Member@SheisBoki

See ehhhn, anything that concerns the tummy area, na problem. The Whatsapp broadcast I sent when I finally pooped after 3 weeks was epic. And yeah, I was happy but it hurt like hell and continued hurting for a while. To laugh, problem. To cry, still problem.


So, I inadvertently sneezed 3 days post OP! I cried for about 20 minutes because the pain pushed a new threshold in my brain!

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Folabo Kay Akin-Adewale@Folabokay_Akin

For me, the first poop was more painful than pushing in the Labour room.

Ilemi J Soberekon@Ilemiobor

It’s always a dreaded thought for me. In fact I was drinking water in the toilet while trying poop… After first baby ehhnnn. The only fear I had after delivery was first poop. Very painful something….

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Gosh! It was horrifying. I was crying in the toilet or was it the time I cried after I sneezed.


You don’t want to imagine it. Some will deny that it wasn’t but I bet you, experience is the best teacher.

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